My Hero Academia Chapter 216 Review – The Conclusion of Class A vs Class B

Class A wins in a 4-0 victory. With all five sets completed, Class A has won 3 of the 4 sets, with the 3rd being a draw. The outcome of the training wasn’t surprising, Class A still remains ahead of Class B. However, we got to see more of Class B for the first time. Clearly, Hitoshi Shinso was the standout student having battled in 2 of the 5 sets. Shinso concludes that he remains “too weak.” He reveals that the battle was a “transfer exam.”

Midoriya is asked about his new Quirk. He acknowledges that “he doesn’t fully understand it yet.” He praises Uraraka and Shinso for aiding him when his power erupted. As I pointed out in the previous chapter review, Ochaco Uraraka was praised for her “quick decision making,” putting her “body on the line,” Eraserhead tells her that “she had grown.” Shota chastises the other students telling them that “they can’t help others if they don’t have the will to act on their own.”

It’s officially announced that Shinso will transfer to “the Hero course,” it’s unclear that which class he will be in. I can’t imagine that he will be in Class A. From a narrative standpoint he would easily fit into Class B, however, he is working with Shota, so? Neito continues to be annoying talking about how if he new that Midoriya’s Quirk was going to be a “dud,” his class would have a better results. Shota requests that Neito come to visit Eri. It’s interesting to see what Neito and Eri meeting is going to result in, but it clearly is going to be about them using their Quirks.

8 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Chapter 216 Review – The Conclusion of Class A vs Class B

  1. I think Neito is really one of the most interesting student from Class B, that’s probably why I actually like him.

    Beside that, I almost cried tears of joy when they announced Shinsou would joint the Hero class for their 2nd year. It is not really surprising since Hirokoshi would probably not have introducing him the way he introduced him during the sport festival. I do think he will be in Class B even if I would like to see him in Class A.

    And I’m really looking forward Neito meeting Eri, just hope it doesn’t give some bad idea him.

    1. Neito can be funny, but his personality can become grating. For some reason I find the schooling system to be confusing, as I though Hitoshi was in Class B already. Regardless, I’m also intrigued by the meeting with Eri.

  2. I’m thinking Neito actually has a good chance at being able to copy Eri’s quirk even if he probably can’t use it to the same degree that she can. Perhaps he would be able to copy her power and then act as a mentor helping her to control it or maybe by copying her abilities it would lessen the strain on her body during that period which will help her control it. Either way it’s cool that he’ll finally be getting more of a relevant role in the story. I know he can be pretty annoying, but I always thought he had some of the best humor scenes in the series

      1. Definitely a good thing imo. It really helps flesh out the world and makes the whole thing more realistic. After all, why should it just be the same handful of characters in every emergency? By throwing in all of these extra characters it helps change things up a bit

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