Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4 and 5: Percival is death

The cover of Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4.
The cover of Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4.

In Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4, Pellegarde is surprised by Percival’s magic abilities. Percival is shocked and kind of disgusted by it. He tries to shake it off his hand and attempts to “give” it to Pellegarde, who is pushed back. He describes Percival’s magic as an “enchanter type.” Pellegarde uses his magic against Percival and shoots a fireball he calls Pyre. He’s able to control the flame with his fingers. Percival is able to dodge his attack with ease. Pellegarde challenges him to do something else. Percival swats the flame with his hands. However, Pellegarde’s flame hits him anyway. The Knight tells him that his flame “will never go out” unless he stops it or the “target burns down.”

Surrounded by flames, Percival doesn’t panic. He spreads his magic around his body to protect himself. However, Pellegarde claims that it’s too late, he’s already sustained burns. Percival collapses. Suddenly, little Percival’s form around Pellegarde. The Holy Knight is confused about what type of magic Percival possesses, as the latter heals himself. Pellegarde claims his magic is the “hero” type. This proves what we already know, Percival is one of the Four Knights. What is surprising is Pellegarde wants to keep Percival alive. Percival strikes Pellegarde, demanding the fight continue.

Pellegarde is impressed with Percival’s ability

Pellegarde is impressed by Percival’s strength and determination. However, he’s still inexperienced. Donny steps in and levitates Pellegarde, giving Percival a chance to escape. Pellegarde explodes with power, regaining control over the fight. A red fox appears with Percival’s bag. It releases a spell bead, teleporting Percival and Donny. The bead transports them to the dragon’s backbone, a thirty-mile mountain growth. The Red Fox can speak and is quite rude. After telling Percival he’s a “sorry ass,” the fox tells him Pellegarde wouldn’t know where his father was. Anyway, he tells Percival and Donny the Four Knights don’t exist, yet. Each Knight will bring “four world-destroying calamities.”

If you’re familiar with the Bible and the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, then the concept is common. The four horsemen are famine, pestilence, war, and death. Percival is one of them. It’s clear from the image that Percival is death. Considering his personality, Percival doesn’t seem like he should be a member. Will he change? Maybe the four horsemen won’t be as menacingly as the name suggests. I’m curious how Four Knights of the Apocalypse will deal with this dark premise.

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  1. Maybe they’ll “destroy” this world and be the ones to build a new one in its place. Because there seems to be something kind of fishy about Camelot’s Holy Knights…………

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