Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 3: Percival versus the Black Knight

As Donny gets bandaged up, Percival and Elva take a bath together. The scene is creepy and mostly an opportunity for fanservice and groping. However, there is a comedic payoff when Elva and Donny reveal that like Percival they’re just sixteen. Percival seems younger than his age, so Elva allowed him to see her naked thinking he was a little boy. I don’t know why anyone would let a strange boy see them naked, but you know anything makes sense in the name of fanservice. Anyway, Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 3, “Clues of the Father,” introduces us to the Black Knight, Pellegarde.

Elva mentions that Percival is “born” to be a Holy Knight, except he doesn’t have any magic. As the village celebrates Percival, he asks them if they’ve seen his father Ironside. Unfortunately, none of them have heard of the Holy Knight. Suddenly, the Black Knight appears floating from above. Pellegarde accuses Ironside of lying about his son’s death, assuming he was “looking out for his own offspring.” Katz upset at Pellegarde’s insensitivity, grabs the Black Knight. This is only important for two reasons. First Katz towers over Pellegarde but can’t move him and second, the Black Knight doesn’t hesitate to attack him. Percival demands to know his father’s location. If necessary, he’ll use force.

Percival attacks Pellegarde barehanded. Unlike Katz, he’s able to move him back. Pellegarde promises to tell him if Percival defeats him but if he beats him, Percival is coming with him. The Black Knight wants to raise him. As Pellegarde gets the upper hand, Percival uses unknown magic. This chapter is mostly just set up for the next one, but it made me curious. Why Pellegarde would want to raise Percival?

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  1. I don’t know what Pellegarde meant by “raise him-” did he want to cultivate him into a Holy Knight? I was never quite sure. But the one thing I DO know, is that Elva is never going to look at Percival the same way again. And Percival is now a little more “curious” about the opposite sex.

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