Edens Zero Manga Chapter :Recap and Review

Chapter 106 – The Hall of Prayer

The crew of the Eden Zero has reached the Aoi Cosmos. They marvel at the beauty of a sea in space. Witch Regret doesn’t understand how they ended up there. The information on the outer cosmos was erased from both the memories of the crew and the Edens Zero’s logs. The crew is on their own for now. However, Hermit Milon has a plan to restore the logs. 15 years ago, the Eden Zero crew traveled the same course, landing on the planet of flames, Red Cave. Milon notes that she noticed a “mysterious phrase,” Poseidon Nero. 

Who is Poseidon Nero

Poseidon Nero is a member of the Oracion Seis Galactica or the Galaxy’s Six Demon. This group is made up of six criminals that are said to possess enough power to “crush entire planets.” We have only been introduced to Drakken Joe, Elsie Crimson, and now Poseidon Nero. He’s called the Emperor and he rules the entire Aoi Cosmos. Nero is only shown as a silhouette, however, he appears to have tentacles and a beard made of fins. Nero is considered to be more of a threat than Drakken. Despite, the reputation of the Oracion Seis as being criminals their not all “bad,” as Elsie has shown. I doubt Nero will be anything but a villain. Regardless, the next stop is the Red Caves. 

Chapter 106 reveals the Oracion Seis, this image shows Half of the Oracion Seis.
Half of the Oracion Seis

The Oracion Seis Interestelar

We pivot to the Interstellar Union as they trace the movements of Elsie’s ship and the Edens Zero. They fear that she might contact Nero and start some alliance. They learn the turn of what occurred with Drakken. When Colonel Jaguar calls in he orders subordinates Victor and Creed to leave because “this is the Hall of Prayer.” This seems to be a moment when the Oracion Seis Interestelar meets in secret. Their goal is simple, crush the six demons. We a glimpse and an introduction of each, Oracion Seis Cure, Holy, Jaguar, Feather, Eraser, and Justice. 

The later that is sent to Aoi Cosmos to handle Elsie, whom he accuses of “taking everything from him.” He publicly states that he will “capture her” but privately thinks that he will “kill her.” I’m curious to see what their history is. Considering the relationship between the Shiki and the Edens Zero crew and Elsie, I think they will likely come to her defense. Overall, the Red Cave arc is looking to be an interesting one. 

Eden Zero – Chapter 103: Clash of the Cosmos

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