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Chapter 28 cover

The chronopage eats planet Norma. Sister Ivry says that the “chronopage” is the “law of the cosmos. so there’s nothing that can be done.” Witch tells them that “1200 years of guilist’s time was devoured.” Therefore none of the people left behind could have survived. Rebecca thanks everyone for rescuing her, she then has flashbacks of her terrible experience and begins to cry. Shiki also cries as he has “imagined losing one his friends.”

Valkyrie and Hermit are missing

Witch and Sister Ivry discuss Shiki. Witch notes that he’s the boy that their Master Ziggy brought back with him. Sister Ivry notes how much he has grown. Eden Zero is still short two members, Valkyrie and Hermit. Witch reveals that she doesn’t know the location of the two members. However, Homura is revealed to be the apprentice of Valkyrie. She claims to be searching for her master. Told of the strength of the Demon King was great by her master, she wishes to fight Shiki.

Weisz Steiner finally joins the team after wasting his time pretending that he didn’t want to. We are introduced into to Mosco, a machine that does chores on Edens Zero. He was a former mercenary from Rogue Out. He has a weird button on his belly that features the words “don’t push,” above it.

Colonel Jaguar

The Interstellar Union Army calculates that “less than 10% survived the chronopage.” Victory doesn’t care as most of the planets inhabitants were criminals. Justice still considers “a life a life.” Colonel Jaguar mentions that a “certain man was released into space.” One of the Six Galactic Warlords, Drakken Joe, Alchemist of Darkness. So far this series is still in the in the introduction phase. I’m enjoying it and have gotten use to the similar characters designs from Fairy Tail. Although, I do find the constant need of Shiki to befriend everyone to be a little annoying.

9 responses to “Eden Zero Chapter 28 Review – New Companions”

  1. I had been saying for weeks that Homura was Valkyrie’s student, and I was right!

  2. What do you think the odds are that Illega and Jinn are alive?

    1. Jinn is probably alive because he has a sister to save, but I think Illega has lost his importance to the series so he’s most likely dead.

      1. People have a way of turning up after a while. Personally, I’d like it if he was dead. I can’t forgive him for kidnapping all those girls, turning them into statues for his fetish, and trying to turn Rebecca into his “toy”. Which I can only assume is code for s** slave.

      2. He could become a recurring villain but he doesn’t seem that important to me.

      3. Jinn, I hope he’s alive. And that mustache guy… oh yeah, I remember now. I think I wanted him to be the first person who got his ass kicked by Shiki.

      4. Lol. I think Jinn will become like a antihero type or even a member of the team. Shiki seems like he would help him find his sister.

      5. I got that vibe from him. Hey do you think Labilia will stop being a b****h to Rebecca since the other B-Cubers are going to talk about her and tell everyone to subscribe to her channel?

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