Conception – Episode 001

Mahiru and Itsuki

Conception is an anime based off of a video game of the same name. First it’s unclear to me whether Itsuki and Mahiru are “friends,” or “cousins” as there are differences between the game and anime. Regardless, the main premise of this series is how the lives of Mahiru and Itsuki change when she reveals that “she’s pregnant.” 

Itsuki strapped to the bed

They’re instantly pulled into another world called Granvania. The quickly run into the perverted flying Raccoon Mana and court scholar Narcisstes. They are told that they have been summoned to “save the world.” How will they accomplish this? Itsuki is tasked with having sex with and impregnate the ” twelve Star Maidens (including Mahiru).”

One of the 12 star maidens

In order to save the world they must produce children to fight, as they can’t fight themselves. It’s only after this can Itsuki and Mahiru return home. It turns out that Mahiru isn’t pregnant after all and was just sick from some impurity. I’m not going to lie, the premise of Conception is ridiculous. I’m not at all interested in this series and I’m mildly put off by it.

The pervert Mana

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been watching anime since I was 5, so I’m not shocked by Conception’s concept. It is a common trope in most anime that the main characters sexual objects are young women that often look like children. It’s always creepy. Mana enhances this creepy atmosphere when at one point he “sniffs” out Mahiru virginity. After Itsuki is strapped to bed the camera zooms in on his bulge. 

Mahiru and Itsuki preparing to have sex

Also there’s the incest element between Mahiru and Itsuki, the fact that neither one of them is giving a choice to have sex as it’s clearly stated that they can’t return home until they all conceive. Conception also has poor dialogue and average animation. 

6 responses to “Conception – Episode 001”

  1. Omg I literally just watched this anime. I agree with this post. I found it to be another anime about forcing girls to have sex for a stupid goal. The series makes no since. It’s so stupid. I am def dropping this. The opening scene was weird too. The only thing I liked on this anime was the teddy bear or whatever it is. It was actually funny. Haha

    1. I think it’s a flying Raccoon. LOL. Yeah, the entire premise of the series seems stupid to me.

  2. The name intrigued me and I ended up spending 20 minutes actually watching it. You’re right, it’s not really a surprising plot if you’ve been watching anime for a long time… Nonetheless, I’m not sure if I want to continue with it. I totally agree with this post.

    1. Yeah. I don’t think it’s really worth your time. There’s plenty of new anime though, so it won’t be too much of a loss.

  3. This sounds like another weak video game adaptation. Shame because I thought Conception 2 on Vita was an okay Persona clone. In that sequel there wasn’t an element of incest. The heroes were based in an academy and would go into a chamber to create little minions that would fight in dungeons.

    1. Anime adapted from video games can be hit or miss. This one is definitely a miss.

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