Nintendo Direct for Pokemon Sword and Shield reveals new details


Earlier today Nintendo revealed some details of the highly anticipated Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. First it looks like random encounters are gone. Instead Pokemon will roam around like Pokemon Let’s Go. It is possible to also trigger battles by running into a exclamation pop up while in tall grass. I’m find either way but I think seeing the Pokemon in the wild is better.


In recent Pokemon games new games mechanics have been added like Mega Evolution and Z-Moves. Enter Dynamax. To be honest this is the most creative feature. Basically, your Pokemon gets more powerful as they become giant. They can only stay this way for three turns and it can only be once per battle. Dynamaxing doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Hopefully, you won’t be forced to use it too much.


Milo is one of the Gym Leaders of the Galar region. He has a kind heart and is well liked by the Trainers of his Gym. His credo is to always enjoy battles, and he specializes in endurance matches using Grass-type Pokémon.

Free roaming has arrive to Pokemon in the form of the “Wild Area.” The natural space between towns in Galar, you will discover new Pokemon walking around. They will vary based on area and weather similar to Pokemon Go. You can join other players on Max Battle Raids. When you locate a red beam, up to four players can battle against a Dynamaxed Pokemon. Only one of the four players can Dynamax their Pokemon. The Dynamaxed Pokemon can be caught and some Pokemon can only be caught this way.

We were introduced to some new adorable Pokemon and some of the characters that will be in the new game. The starters were introduced already, fans were given a look at seven new Pokemon including the two legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta.


Category: Flowering Pokemon

Type: Grass

Height: 1’4″

Weight: 4.9 lbs

Ability: Cotton Down/Regenerator


Category: Cotton Bloom Pokemon

Type: Grass

Height: 1’8″

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Ability: Cotton Down/Regenerator

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15th. Sources: IGN, Polygon


Nintendo Direct coming on June 5th focusing on Pokemon Sword and Shield

On June 5th, Nintendo will broadcast a new Nintendo Direct presentation. The direct will provide details on newest Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield. Slated to air 9 a.m. ET/6 a.m. PT on Nintendo’s YouTube and Twitch channels. With E3 2019 on the horizon the direct will allow Nintendo to give the games more time. This will not replace anything that Nintendo has prepared for E3 itself.

The Nintendo Direct will focus on “on software, and will offer a look at games scheduled to launch in 2019.” Games expected for release this year on the Switch are, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Astral Chain, Animal Crossing, Daemon X Machina, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Also a Pokemon Press Conference occurred today that I haven’t seen yet, but it may focus on Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Sword and Shield announced for the Nintendo Switch

Like many fans of the Pokemon series I was waiting to see what the next generation of Pokemon games would look like. When the Switch was revealed to be both a home console and a handheld one, it was easy to predict that the next Pokemon game would be on the Switch. Unlike, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee, this game will be the “real” Pokemon RPG’s.

Each Pokemon region is inspired by a real place, this time it’s seems to be Great Britain. The brand new region is called Galar. The three new starter Pokemon were revealed: the Grass-type chimp Grookey, the Fire-type rabbit Scorbunny, and the Water-type lizard Sobble. As always random encounters are back, as are Gym’s (Pokemon Sun and Moon changed that format). The trailer didn’t confirm whether character customization, but I’m hoping.

So far their doesn’t seem to be anything new to the series yet, but details on possible new elements could emerge later. With the introduction of every new generation, we tend to get a lot of new Pokemon. Anyway, I can’t wait. Pokemon Sword & Shield will be released later this year.

Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer

Nintendo’s 2018 Mobile Revenue reaches $348 million

According to the blog, Sensor Tower, Nintendo’s ” four current mobile games (Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Super Mario Run) earned a combined total of US $348 million globally in 2018, an increase of 15% compared to 2017.” Fire Emblem Heroes earned the most of the four games, generating $230 million worldwide. Dragalia Lost pulled in $58.4 million, followed by Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with $48.6 million and Super Mario Run earned $10 million a decline from $31 million the previous year.

In 2019, Nintendo will release Mario Kart Tour during March. Mario Kart Tour is ” expected to feature traditional in-app purchase micro-transactions to fuel its monetization, as opposed to a premium priced one-time IAP to unlock all content. ” Meanwhile, Niantic’s Pokemon GO has proved that it continues to be popular mobile game, increasing revenue 35% over 2017. Pokemon GO earned about $800 million in 2018, bring the lifetime revenue to $2.2 billion.

Sources: Sensor Tower, ANN

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 43 Review: Gym Battle! Z-Move VS Mega Evolution

Misty vs Lana & Mallow

Ash and the rest of the group arrive at the Cerulean City Gym, that is newly remodeled with large rocks. Ash’s Pikachu and Brock’s Geodude reunite, as Professor Kukui explains that Brock and Misty will be battling them as part of an extracurricular lesson. Excited to battle, Lana, Mallow and Ash pick Misty to battle, while, Sophocles, Lillie and Kiawe choose Brock. Misty faces off against Lana and Mallow together with her Psyduck. Lana uses her Popplio and Mallow uses her Steenee. Psyduck uses water-gun at Popplio, who catches the water in a bubble, hitting Psyduck with it. Steenee uses Magical Leaf which pops the bubble surrounding Psyduck, causing it to fall head first on the ground. Anyone that remembers Psyduck from the early series knows that it’s mostly useless until it’s headache becomes sever. Psyduck uses a powerful Psychic on Steenee and Popplio, however, Misty calms it down and the battle ends.

Brock vs Lillie and Sophocles

Brock uses his Geodude to take on Lille Alolan Vulpix and Sophocles Togedemaru. He uses Zip Zap on Geodude that has no effect due to it’s ground typing. Vulpix attacks with Powder Snow, but Geodude counters with Gyro Ball. The battle isn’t comprehensive but does show what the Gym leaders are capable of. Professor Kukui informs them that the real battles will be against Kiawe and Brock and Misty against Ash.

Brock vs Kiawe

Kiawe uses his Turtonator while Brock uses his Steelix, Turtonator uses Flamethrower which surprisingly not as effective as it should be. Steelix counters with Bind but Turtonator uses Shell Trap to break free. Steelix then uses Dig, landing a direct hit followed by hitting Turtonator with its tail. Brock removes his vet and shirt activating his Key Stone causing Steelix to Mega evolve. To counter Kiawe and Turtonator use their Z-move, Inferno Overdrive. The Z-move directly hits Steelix causing massive damage, however, Steelix withstands it. Brock counters with Stone Edge causing Turtonator to faint from impact.

Misty vs Ash

Finally, Misty and Ash battle using Gyarados and Pikachu respectively. Despite the type disadvantage, Misty’s Gyarados holds its own. Pikachu lands an early attack with Quick Attack, Misty uses Rain Dance in combination with Hurricane nullifying Pikachu’s electricity. Misty uses her Mega Stone and Gyarados mega evolves gaining the upper hand against Ash and Pikachu. Misty traps Pikachu within Hurricane claiming that no trainer has ever escaped it. Pikachu manages to escape and together with Ash the use the Z-move Gigavolt Havoc defeating Mega Gyarados and Misty.


As always the animation in this series top notch and is most impressive when there are battles. See Brock and Misty again was fun and I hope that they bring back other characters from the past. Anyway, the one down side of this series is the fact that they devalue Pokemon battles to much for my enjoyment. However, if your familiar with the video game version of Sun and Moon battles aren’t as important either. Regardless, the Alolan regions Pokemon League does exists in the game and hopefully at the end of this series Ash will get to compete and dare I say win the Alolan region Pokemon league.


Ash faces off against Kahuna Hala

Ash and Hala aim to begin their battle. First they pray that Tapu Koko blesses their battle and Professor Kukui asks Ash if he knows the Normal-Z move. Ash says that he has mastered it and is ready for the Grand Trail. The prepare to battle, as Kukui will be the ref. The battle between Ash and Hala begins. Ash sends Rowlet and Hala uses Crabrawler.


Rotom tells Ash that Rowlet has the type advantage. Crabrawler uses Bubble Beam, Rowlet quickly dodges and uses Peck. The hit lands and Ash has Rowlet use it again. However, Crabrawler catches Rowlet, then uses Brutal Swing, followed by Power-up Punch. Rowlet then uses Leafage, but its countered by Bubble Beam. Ash has Rowlet use the same attack again, but this time he tells Rowlet to “surprise” Crabrawler.


After the attacks collide, Rowlet “surprises” Crabrawler with his speed, using Peck consistently. Rowlet tries it once more, but fails to land the hit. Crabrawler uses Power-up Punch again, but Rowlet dodges successfully. Crabrawler attempts to grab Rowlet again but it dodges and uses tackle, defeating Crabrawler. Rowlet fails asleep in mid-air and Ash recalls Rowlet.


Pikachu is up next, facing off against Hariyama. Pikachu uses Iron Tail and Hariyama counters with Fake Out. It then uses Knock Off, smashing Pikachu into the ground. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, it fails and Hariyama uses Arm Thrust. Pikachu dodges the barrage, then uses Thunderbolt. No attack from Pikachu seems to work, Hariyama uses Belly Drum. Then Hala and Hariyama use their Z-Move, Ash has Pikachu use Quick Attack, he manages to dodge most of the hits, but some of them hit.


Ash decides to use quick attack, rounding circles around Hariyama then uses Iron Tail. The hit lands and Ash along with Pikachu decided to use their Z-Move. Pikachu uses Ultra Light Dash, landing a devastating blow against Hariyama. Ash wins the first Grand Trail, while Tapu Koko watches. This episode was excellent. It quickly got to the battle and the battle was epic. Ash and Pikachu using the Z-Move was really fun to watch. The battle is better when watching, the animation was great as always.



Ash verses the Totem Gumshoos

Ash decides to complete the Grand Trails

Ash becomes determine to obtain more Z-Crystals. He discusses this with Professor Kukui, who tells him that he needs to go through the Island Challenge in order to acquire more crystals. Rotom informs Ash that he would need to fight against the Island Kahuna. Kukui suggests that they need to meet up with Melemele Island’s Kahuna, Hala.


Ash and Kukui meet Island Kahuna, Hala

Several Raticate and Rattata startle some Tauros, causing logs to fall off carts. Ash and Kukui arrive and help with the clearing of the logs. Ash notices a man and his Hariyama carrying logs, placing them back on the carts. This man turns out to be, Hala. The following day, Ash and Kukui meet with Hala. He explains to Ash that Tapu Koko stole on of the Z-Rings that he created and gave it to Ash.

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Hala informs Ash of the issue regarding the Raticate and Rattata. Ash says that he will battle them, Hala reminds him that “doing the Island Challenge wasn’t about battling, but to teach young people about loving and protecting everything.” He hopes that Ash will find a way to solve the problem without battling. Ash attempts to solve the problem with the help of Kiawe and Sophocles. Lille suggests that they should learn more about the ecology.


Ash and battles the Totem Gumshoo

Rotom tells Ash that “Rattata and Raticate were brought to Alola from a ship and adapted to the climate.” To counter this, “ Gumshoos and Yungoos were brought from a different region to fight the Raticate and Rattata.” Ash gives his answer to Hala, who is impressed and tells Ash that he passed the test and qualified for the Trail. Hala and Ash arrive at the cave, which is home to Yungoos. Hala tells Ash that inside the cave is a Totem Pokemon, which “listens to the Island Guardian Pokémon and obey their will, some even helping during the Island Challenge.”


As the trail begins Ash battles, Yungoos and Gumshoo. He sends out Pikachu and a sleeping Rowlet. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Rowlet Tackle, both of them are hit with a Sand Attack, with Yungoos attacks Rowlet. Gumshoo and Yungoos use Crunch, which Pikachu and Rowlet successfully dodge. Rowlet uses Leafage, while Pikachu uses Iron Tail. Rowlet tackles Gumshoos and Pikachu hits Yungoos with Iron Tail, defeating them. Suddenly, a huge Gumshoo appears, Rotom notes that it’s three times larger than a normal Gumshoo.


Totem Gumshoo attacks Pikachu, who dodges and counters with Thunderbolt. Gumshoo endures the attack, then hurts Pikachu. Totem Gumshoo uses it high speed and Rowlet attacks. Totem Gumshoo uses a rock and hits Rowlet with it. Rowlet gets called back and Ash tells Pikachu to use Electro Ball. Totem Gumshoo blocks it with Sand Attack. Using Quick Attack, Pikachu uses Sand Attack to hide itself. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to finally defeat Totem Gumshoo. Totem Gumshoo gives Ash a Z-Crystal, which Hala notes is strange, Tapu Koko leaves after watching the battle.

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This was a fun episode, Ash finally started official going on his trails. I love watching the Pokemon battle with this level of animation, its so dynamic. Rowlet displaying his ability to move quickly but silently was pretty cool. Some of the battle was surprisingly brutal , Totem Gumshoo picking up a rock and bashing Rowlet in the head with it. Overall, another great episode, an yes Gumshoo looks exactly like Donald Trump.


Clefairy (Pippi) Plushie

All About Togedemaru

Professor Kukui apologizes for not showing him around, although Ash doesn’t mind. While, Ash and Pikachu are in the lab, they generally waste time with Ash ending up doing laundry. The washing machine malfunctions, causing a massive spill. After all the high jinks, Ash and Pikachu are starving and look for food.


Ash attempts to make himself and Pikachu food. He fails massively and run out of food. They decided to go shopping at the mall, he into Sophocies and Togedemaru. Together they go and get some ice cream. Meanwhile, Team Rocket continue to plot how to steal some Pokemon from the mall.


Meowth accidentally triggers the security system, causing the doors to shut, trapping Pikachu, Rotom and Togedemaru. Everyone tries to bash the doors to escape and override the security system. Team Rocket, along with Pikachu, Rotom and Togedemaru reach the roof. Mimikyu attacks Pikachu with Shadow Claw, without being ordered to by Jesse.


Pikachu helps Togedemaru and ends up on trouble. Sophocies tells Ash to order Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, so Togedemaru “lightning rod,” ability goes into effect. Togedemaru uses Zing Zap and Rowlet rescues Pikachu. Bewear arrives and grabs Team Rocket, jumping from roof to roof with them.


This episode was pretty boring to be honest, however, I learned that Togedemaru has a new attack called Zing Zap. I anticipate a lot of episodes like this. Finally, it appears that Bewear will replace the “blasting away” of Team Rocket. Bewear’s stalking of Team Rocket is both funny and creepy.



Ash finally catches his first Aloha Pokemon, Rowlet

Episode 4 – Enter Rowlet! I Got a Pokemon in Aloha!

Litten is feed some berries by an older lady, a flock of Trumbeak and Pikipek fly through the town and steal berries and fruits. The villagers expected this event to occur, as it is annual. In the forest, Ash and Pikachu battle against a Grubbin, who uses String Shot. Pikachu dodges it and uses Thunderbolt, Ash throws a Pokeball at the Grubbin. However, it frees itself from the Pokeball and digs away.


Pikachu verses Grubbin

Grubbin emerges behind Lillie, scaring her as she hides behind Mallow. Pikachu uses Quick Attack, only for Grubbin to counter with String Shot. The Grubbin manages to escape, injured Pikachu is taken to the Pokemon Center. In a cave, Jesse tries to catch Mimikyu, she has a difficult time because it hasn’t been weakened yet. James drops a Luxury Ball that Jesse uses to finally capture Mimikyu.


Bewear grabs Jesse when she tries to grab the ball, Meowth translates that it is looking for dinner. Meanwhile, at the Pokemon Center, Ash sees a Comfey. The flock of Pikipek return to their nest with food in hand. Rowlet drops a vase that resembles a berry, it’s gets yelled at for it’s failure. Rowlet flies off to find more berries, while Mallow’s Bounsweet releases a sweet scent attracting Rowlet.


Rowlet is desperate for food

Rowlet mistakes Bounsweet for a berry and attacks. However, Bounsweet deflects Rowlet twice, knocking it into power-lines. Rowlet falls to the ground and Ash rushes and manages to prevent it from hitting the ground. Rowlet awakens and Ash feeds it. Ash attempts to capture it but Rowlet flees with a watermelon. Meanwhile, in the cave Team Rocket gets their fill of food and the flock of Pikipek enter the cave taking the fruit.


Rowlet returns to the nest with the watermelon and is praised. Ash and Mallow arrive at the nest and Rotom identifies Trumbeak and Toucannon. Rotom tries to test the heat of Toucannon’s beak, enraging it. Team Rocket arrives, launching nets at the flock and attempting to capture Pikachu. Jesse uses Mimikyu, that launches a Shadow Ball at Pikachu, who counters with Electro Ball.


Rowlet rescues Pikachu from Mimikyu

Pikachu uses Iron Tail, but it doesn’t deal any damage. Meanwhile, Rowlet frees it’s friends, while Pikachu is hit with a Play Rough from Mimikyu. Then Mimikyu uses Shadow Claw on Pikachu, Rowlet intervenes using Leafage. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Mimikyu, shocking it. Team Rocket is captured, along with Mimikyu by Bewear. Rowlet is thanked for its help by the flock.


Ash tells Rowlet that “he should go home,” surprising Mallow and Rotom. Ash doesn’t want to catch Rowlet because he has friends and family. Toucannon encourages Rowlet to go to Ash and he does. Rowlet allows itself to be caught. Ash has a habit of “catching,” Pokemon without traditionally battling them and then catching. It can seem like a cheat sometimes but his Pokemon all seem to be unique.


Team Rocket finally arrives in Aloha region

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Episode 3

Good Rotomorning, I am the Rotom Zukan!

The original team rocket team of Jesse, James and Meowth arrive in the Aloha region. They have the same goal that has been their M.O. since the first season of Pokemon, steal rare Pokemon. Meanwhile, Ash is giving his Rotom pokedex, it has been programmed to speak to humans in English. Rotom explains that it’s “self-learning,” and updates its “data every time it encounters Pokemon.


In the forest Team Rocket searches for Pokemon, they encounter a Mimikyu. They confuse it with a Pikachu and when the head slouches to one side, it appears to Team Rocket to have broken it’s neck. Meowth realizes that it’s a Pokemon wearing a Pikachu like cloth. Meowth is creeped out by what Mimikyu is saying, Jesse throws him at Mimikyu. Meowth uses Fury Swipes, but they have no effect.


Team Rocket verses Mimikyu

Meowth then attempts to lift up Mimikyu’s cloth, being knocked out and ends up in a weird subconscious state. Meowth awakes as Jesse and James splash him with buckets of water. Ash and his friends arrive, as Team Rocket hides in the bushes. Ash and the others run into the Mimikyu and Rotom Pokedex explains what is known about it. Rotom stats that Mimikyu’s “actual appearance is unknown and may have killed scholar’s who died from shock.


Mimikyu verses Pikachu

Ash attempts to capture Mimikyu with Pikachu and uses Iron Tail. This attack has no effect and the cloth Mimikyu wears deflates. It then attacks Pikachu with Play Rough, followed in succession with Shadow Claw. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, that Mimikyu easily knocks back. Team Rocket interrupts the battle and introduces themselves, but none of the new friends of Ash are aware of them.


Jesse sends Meowth into battle against Pikachu, it uses Electro Ball that is deflected by Shadow Ball from Mimikyu. It tells Meowth that it plans to help Team Rocket. Mimikyu seems to hate Pikachu, it takes on the appearance of Pikachu because it hates it more than anything. Mimikyu attacks with Shadow Ball, however, a Bewear grabs Jesse and James. Meowth grabs Mimikyu and they chase the Bewear further into the forest.


When Mimikyu was first introduced it became a internet sensation. It was seen as sad and adorable for copying Pikachu. However, this episode seems to have changed that image and replaced it with a really creepy one. I like Mimikyu’s design and it’s intense personality and I think it’s the perfect Pokemon for Team Rocket. It’s hatred of Pikachu is very interesting and I hope that the series will explain it further. I think that Mimikyu is a perfect fit for Team Rocket.


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