Nintendo Labo combines cardboard with the Switch

Nintendo has always been an innovating company and the Switch continued this innovation. Today, Nintendo introduced a new way to play the Switch, combining “cardboard accessories,” with the Switch, players are able to play games with these “DIY creations.” Nintendo Labo, incorporates “augmented-reality game that turns cardboard models into fully functioning toys.” When you buy a Nintendo Labo you are given “25 sheets of thick, brown, branded cardboard, and a little cartridge.”

Following the on screen instruction on the Switch you can build several creations like, a 13 key piano, fishing pole or motorbike. You can customize these creations with markers, stickers or paint. By building the piano you can play as the “IR Motion Camera in the Right Joy-Con detects which keys are pressed and translates them into unique notes that are heard through the console.” Being cardboard Nintendo expects them to break and plans on replacing cardboard kits, however, you can “stick the cardboard Toy-Cons back together with glue or tape.”

Nintendo Labo will launch on April 20 this year and will have two kits called, the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit respectively. The “Variety Kit” will cost $69.99 and feature ” two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con Fishing Rod, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con Motorbike and a Toy-Con Piano.” The “Robot Kit” will cost a little more at $79.99 and feature “you can build an interactive robot suit with a visor, backpack and straps for your hands and feet, which you can then wear to assume control of a giant in-game robot.” You can also purchase a $9.99 “customization Set that includes fun stencils, stickers and colored tape.” The cardboard toy-con are not from me but the technology is actually pretty cool and hope it’s another success from Nintendo.

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Sources: The Guardian, Polygon




Nintendo Switch Becomes Fastest-Selling Console of All Time in U.S.

A lot of criticism was sent Nintendo’s way for the failure of Wii U. The Switch has turn all that around, on Thursday, Nintendo announced that the “Nintendo Switch has become the fastest-selling home video game system ever in the United States. The system has sold more than 4.8 million units in the United States in the 10 months since it launched on March 3. Nintendo‘s Wii system was the previous record holder, selling more than 4 million units in its first 10 months.”

I’ll admit that I’m pleasantly surprised that the Switch has done this well. What doesn’t surprise me is the high attachment rate of their first party titles, Nintendo stated “that more than 60% of Nintendo Switch owners in the United States have Super Mario Odyssey, and more than 55% own The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo noted that the games are two of the highest-rated games in history. The company also revealed that more than 50% of Nintendo Switch owners have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more than 20% have Splatoon 2.

Nintendo has often had issues with third party support, this did change with the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii. However, during the short Wii U era third party support was scarce. Nintendo said that “more than 300 titles by third-party developers have launched for the Switch, and it has “received strong support from indie developers.” The Nintendo Switch, as of December 10 has sold over 10 million units worldwide. With a new Metroid Prime and Pokemon RPG on the horizon things are looking good for Nintendo’s future.

Source: Anime News Network

For more analysis, check Polygon: Why the Nintendo Switch is selling so well

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon revealed

During the latest Nintendo Direct, the next installments in the Pokemon series were revealed. Pokken Tournament DX was heavily represented and at the end of the trailer Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Despite the rumors the Switch doesn’t appear to be getting a Pokemon RPG, at least not yet. The updated versions of the games will be exclusive to the 3DS and released on November 17, 2017.

According to the Pokemon Direct video, “each will offer an alternative story set in the same world as Sun and Moon, and will feature new Pokemon that didn’t appear in those games.” Is the rumored, Pokemon Stars real, I hope so but we won’t find out for awhile anyway. In the meantime, Pokemon Ultra will have to do.

Source: IGN

Nintendo Switch out sells the PS4 and XB1 in March

Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch is now the “fastest-selling video game system in Nintendo history” with more than 906,000 units sold in March. They also have announced that the “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild were sold during that period of time, equating to a more than 100% attach rate. This has never been achieved by another console.” The Wii U version of Zelda sold an additional 460,000 units, resulting in the game selling 1.3 million copies. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has officially become the fastest selling Nintendo launch title and the the fastest-selling Legend of Zelda game ever.

The NPD Group has confirmed that for the fifth month the PS4 has outsold Xbox One. However, the Nintendo Switch outsold them both. Selling 500,000 in the first week, and 906,000 units in March. “Demand has outpaced both expectation and supply at a level that surpasses the record-selling Wii during the same length of time post-launch, surprising Nintendo and analysts alike.” I could only assume that the gamers that purchased Zelda without a console plan to buy it later or sell it on the secondary market for a profit.

The research firm SuperData has predicted that the Switch will potentially shift over 7.2 Million consoles this year. If this occurs it will surpass half the amount sold in four years by the Wii U. Globally, the Switch has sold an estimated 2.4 M consoles. So far everything looks good for the Switch, hopefully it will continue to be successful.

Nintendo Direct (April, 12, 2017)

In celebration of the release of  “Arms,” Nintendo will be releasing a new neon yellow joy-cons on June 16th. They also announced 12 new Nintendo Switch games and many 3DS titles. Finally, Nintendo announced that they will be releasing a “a new Joy-Con attachment that extends the battery life of the controllers. The Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Accessory includes an attachment for up to two Joy-Con controllers and a pair of AA batteries powers each unit. The battery pack slides onto the rail of the each controller in the same manner as a Joy-Con strap would, and it adds a sizable grip to the back of each one.” No news on American release prices.

Sources: the Verge, Gamerevolution, IGN

Nintendo Switch and Zelda break records

It’s early but promising that so far the Nintendo Switch and the Legend of Zelda have managed to break records. According to Nintendo of Europe, “Nintendo Switch sold more in its launch weekend than any other Nintendo hardware in history.” In addition to this, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has become the “biggest-selling Nintendo launch title ever in Europe.”

It should also be noted that March is often a down season for the game season. The Nintendo Switch also “sold more than any previous Nintendo console across its first two days in the Americas, and its first week performance in Japan surpassed that of the Wii U with 313,000 units sold.” Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime told the New York Times reporter Nick Wingfield, that “it had beaten the Wii into second place.” He also stated that Breath of the Wild has, “sustained a 98 Metacritic average across 68 reviews.”

In Japan, according to Famitsu data the “Switch sold 313,700 units in its first week.” The Wii sold 371,900 units, Wii U sold 308,600 and the PS4 sold 322,100, it should be noted that all three of those consoles were released during the holiday season. For many analysts the Christmas season will be a big test for the console.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is perfect


The new Nintendo Switch will be released tomorrow and the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda series. Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild represents Nintendo’s first attempt in an open world Zelda games, and it seems that everyone that has reviewed Breath of the Wild has concluded it’s spectacular.

Link’s most ambitious adventure is one of Nintendo’s crowning achievements. –Giantbomb

An evocative and exhilarating open-world adventure game. – IGN  

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is definitely a Zelda game – Kotaku



Nintendo shows off more of the Switch


Nintendo Switch system details

The pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch starts on January 21 (according to venturebeat), but I have already acquired my pre-order from Amazon. The Switch will be released worldwide on March 3, 2017, it will cost $300. The Switch features a 6.2 in screen, with multi-touch capabilities. It has been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will have “32 gigabytes of internal memory, and it is expandable via microSD cards. The 256-gigabyte microSD card fits in the back, near the kickstand.” 


The Joy of the Joy-cons

Nintendo focused on the controllers, named the Joy-cons. According to venturebeat “There’s a left and a right version, and Joy-Con grip that connects them so they can be used as one controller. Each controller has an accelerometer and a gyro sensor, enabling the Joy-Cons to detect movement. The right Joy-Con also has an infrared camera sensor that can detect shapes and objects a couple of feet away.” 


Nintendo Switch online service

Nintendo announced that it will finally be charging for it’s online services. It will be giving Nintendo Switch owners a free trail period. According to Nintendo, “This service lets Nintendo Switch owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to your Nintendo Switch system and helps you connect with friends for online play sessions.” 


The online service will also have an online lobby and voice chat. Nintendo has developed a smart device app, to connect Nintendo Switch, allowing gamers to “let you invite friends to play online, set play appointments, and chat with friends during online matches in compatible games, all from your smart device.” Subscribers will get to download one game a month for free, and will also get some exclusive deals.



The games coming to the Switch

All this new information was great, but none of it matters without the games. It was pleasant to here that third party was so far on board with the Switch. Nintendo also announced that it will no longer be region locking their games. Some of the games that they revealed were:




Overall, I thought the presentation did what it intended. While, many gamers seem troubled that there aren’t a large variety of games for the launch, I think that always seems to happen. Nintendo has managed to spread out their first party games at least for the first year, with Zelda at launch (March 3), Super Bomberman R (March 3), Mario Kart 8 deluxe (April 28), Splatoon 2 (Summer), and of course Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday 2017). I’m more excited for this console now than ever. Can’t wait until March 3.


Nintendo Switch less powerful than PS4

The specs on the Nintendo Switch haven’t been officially released, however, leaks have suggested that it’s not more powerful than the PS4. According to Venturebeat, two sources stated that “the Switch uses Nvidia’s last-generation Maxwell graphics-processing architecture. Nvidia introduced its new Pascal architecture earlier this year, but that technology is not ready for the Tegra chip going into the Switch. The custom Maxwell Tegra (which uses a 20nm process as opposed to the more efficient 16nm process of the Pascal) in the machine is still powerful enough to play Nintendo-style games that rely on quality art over horsepower, but don’t expect Switch software to match the graphical fidelity of the highest-end PS4 games.” 

A demonstration of the Switch playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Venturebeat source

The sources suggested that due to time limitations, Nintendo rushed the production of the Switch. While many fans might be disappointed, according to market researcher Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research, “the site that it likely won’t matter if the Switch is underpowered compared to the competition.” He continued, “”I don’t see Nintendo’s strategy as a risk,” he said. “Too many pundits and fanboys and investors make a serious mistake when they try to compare and contrast Nintendo with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo has a niche in the affordable, accessible product, and performance is never a leading criteria for them. It is gameplay and immersion. They are never a technology pioneer. Trying to compare Nintendo to Sony is like comparing a Volkswagen to a Corvette. It’s a facetious and fallacious analogy and a discredit to fans who love Nintendo.”

For the whole story check out Venturebeat

Seasons of Heaven

Nintendo Switch exclusive: Seasons of Heaven was revealed in a teaser trailer. Seasons of Heaven is developed by AnyArts productions, the game is “based on a French book of the same name, which tells the tale of how centuries of mistreating the environment led to humanity’s “greatest purge ever known.” The game’s protagonist is a young boy named Yann, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, and is accompanied in the game by his French bulldog Ani (a superb name by the way). The game is the studio’s first-ever project, and is being built in Unreal Engine 4.

Super Mario Run released

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Super Mario Run has been released and it has been suggested that it will be a massive hit. According to gamespot, “It does not appear that the auto-runner, in which you control Mario with one hand as he runs through colorful environments filled with obstacles and enemies.” Research firm SuperData “said in a note this week that it expects Super Mario Run to reach around 30 million downloads and bring in $60 million in its first month.”  

Super Mario Run is free to download, but pay $10 to unlock everything it has to offer.

According to Gamespot, “Noted analyst Serkan Toto previously predicted that Super Mario Run would reach 1 billion downloads “easily,” making it one of the most popular smartphone games in history. One billion downloads is not an unprecedented feat in the mobile gaming world, as Temple Run and Angry Birds have reached that mark, but the major, important distinction is that this figure is for multiple games in those franchises.”

E3 2016 (Part 2)


In recent years Nintendo has been keeping their E3 presentation simple. Video presentation and gameplay. This year they disappointed fans by announcing that they won’t be showing the next Nintendo console the NX. However, they centered their presentation on Pokemon and Zelda.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo went through some gameplay, starting with the beginning. Nintendo left out some details, but some new Pokemon were revealed. Yungoos, a normal type badger and Pikipek a woodpecker bird.

The new game mode called “Battle Royal,” which “puts four trainers against each other at the simultaneously.” The second screen has been updated, and there have been some design changes.

Producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori stated that, “the reason they’re called Moon and Sun is because they represent the source of life. They want to emphasis the relationship to life and nature in the Pokemon world. They said the new legendary Pokemon are representative of the moon and sun and will have special abilities based on those facets.”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This new open world Zelda game was my most anticipated games of this years E3 and I wasn’t disappointed. You begin as Link, awoken after 100 years. The first thing I noticed is that there’s voice acting, of course Link still doesn’t speak. The game is apparently so large that “1% of a map that’s 12 times the size of Twilight Princess’ world.” Some other interesting facts:

  • Link can now climb cliffs and buildings
  • Link can take enemy weapons
  • Bombs no longer need to be replenished
  • Link can control when they explode
  • Fruits and Vegetables now replenish your hearts
  • You can hunt animals for meat
  • Explore dungeons in any order
  • Doesn’t require Wii U controller

New Nintendo 3DS

gammasquadnew3ds2Nintendo has a habit of changing very little and updating their handhelds slightly and still manage to sell millions of the “new”DS. This time they seemed to put more into this new handheld. I clearly sounding negative but I want one. I don’t know why they didn’t pair the new 3Ds with the Pokemon remakes, that seems to be a lost opportunity.

New Features

  • Right sided analog control stick added (C – Stick)
  • ZL and ZR shoulder buttons
  • Facial Camera tracing
  • Automatic brightness toggling
  • Built-in NFC technology for use with Amiibo figures
  • wireless transfer of media files between the handheld and a PC
  • more powerful CPU
  • greater storage
  • improved web browser
  • improved battery life
  • new colored face buttons
  • larger screen size
  • compatible with 3DS games
  • however certain games can only work on the new CPU.


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