Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 – Episode 3 Review – One Danger After Another Degeneration

Reigen afraid of Mob’s answer

Wanna get cursed

Reigen entertains a client that wishes for him to curse someone. Reigen refuses to do so. However, the client is insistent and become agitated. To defuse the situation, Reigen creates a makeshift curse on paper for the man to carry around free of charge. Reigen claims that ” As long as you have that with you, I’m sure something will happen someday.” The man weirdly claims that if Reigen is lying (he is) the man will “curse” Reigen. If he could curse someone by himself then why go to Reigen at all? Regardless, Mob wonders that there’s harm allowing the client believe that he’s cursing someone.

Creepy Stalker

The Stalker next door

The next client is a woman that believes that she being stalked. The “spirit” was gazing through her window. Reigen sends Dimple to look for it. He finds nothing and Mob only sense something faint. The room beings to shake and a ghostly aberration appears in the window. Reigen suggest Mob “vaporize it,” but Mob states that it’s a “real person.” The man is actually next door. The creepy man used a “outer body experience,” to spy on the woman. He’s arrested. Mob is confused as to why the woman would feel differently after finding out that the “spirit” was just a man.

Ritsu chocking bully

Don’t mess with Mob

As Mob is walking home from school he’s harassed by two bullies. Mob is dumbfounded as they ask him for money. Dimple possess one of the boys, forcing him to strip naked. Mob tells Dimple to stop. The bullies continue to harass Mob, then Ritsu psychically chokes the bully with his tie. Finally, the members of Mob’s fitness club surround the bullies forcing them to flee. Mob is the strongest physic in this series. However, he’s always concerned about abusing his power and doesn’t think that they make him special. However, he has manage to collect a group of people that are willing to protect him. His friends think that he should use his powers next time.

Dimple eating Reigen’s curse

The peaceful ghost family

Mob and Reigen are brought to the wood’s to exorcise some ghost. The family hopes to remain there as they died in an accident and “lost their chance at a good life.” Mob’s clients don’t care that they are peaceful and simply want them gone. Dimple attempts to manipulate the father into killing the three client. The father refuses. This leads to the most profound part of the episode, Mob’s conflict. Reigen realizes that Mob can “see a far bigger world that” normal people. As previously mentioned, Mob is somewhat fearful of his own power, of losing control. If he did who would stop him? He could be like the bullies that harassed him if he wanted to. This season may focus on Mob’s fear.


Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Episode 2 – Urban Legends

Reigen and his sad little stand

Looking into Urban Legends

Reigen is bored. No one seems to bothered by spirits. In search of money Reigen decides that he and Mob should look into urban legends. Reigen is of course looking for the gullible, that believe in the supernatural. He sets up a stand to offer exorcism help. Mob and Reigen are interrupted by Shinra Banshomaru, the greatest psychic of this century. He claims that they don’t have any jurisdiction to put up their stand. As challenges their so called authority, but a potential client arrives. She claims that spirits are attracted to her. Mob confirms that a spirit of a middle aged man is following her.

Shinra Banshomaru

Eliminating the Urban Legends

Shinra is uncertain who would take such a job, and of course Reigen claims the job. Shinra decides to help, Reigen asks Dimple to tail him. He seems to be concerned for Shira’s safety. He asks some children about what they’ve seen. He becomes weird and the girls think he’s a pervert. A guy in a read raincoat runs pass him and he tackles him. This reveals that the man named Akarain isn’t wearing any clothing. We get a seen that’s similar to the fighting game genre, with Akarain vs Shinra. Akarain flees. The human faced dog turn out to be a dog with a face written by marker.

Akarain Verses Shinra Street Fighter style

Hey aren’t you thirsty

Shira catches up to Akarain. This turns out to be his plan all along. He attacks Shinra with a taser. At this point it seems like Shinra doesn’t have any psychic powers. After knocking Shinra out, a skinny woman dragging several dolls behind her, stating hey, aren’t you thirst over and over. Akarain attacks her with his taser. She reflects the electricity on him, knocking him out. Shinra uses Spirit Hold. It doesn’t have an effect. The woman sinks under the water and rises under Shinra throwing him into the lake. She tries to drag him under water, but Dimple possess him awakening his latent powers.

The Dragger

Dimple verses the Dragger

The fight between Dimple (in Shinra’s body) and the dragger is a dynamic battle. The animation is spectacular ask they fight through the trees. Dragger attacks with a series of clawed weapons. Cornered, Dimple considers abandoning Shira when his achilles tendon snaps. However, Mob’s faith in him prevent him from doing so. Just before the Dragger kills Shira, Mob saves them. She flees. Dimple claims that the Dragger was given life from “the imagination of masses.”

Mob defeats the Dragger

Fear is used to power her. The lake begins to expand, trapping Reigen and Shinra. However, because Mob doesn’t have a childhood fear of the Dragger he’s able to defeat her. Mob’s ignorance saved him. Reigen, Mob and Dimple head to find the “Dashing Granny,” but it turns out she just an old lady that runs. Mob is embarrassed that she beat him, becoming Mob’s “first traumatic experience with urban legends.”

Dashing Granny

Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Episode 001 Review – Ripped Apart ~Someone Is Watching~

Reigen plots plan for cherry tomato

It’s been three years since Mob Psycho 100’s season 1 premiered, and the much anticipated 2nd season has arrive without disappointment. Episode 1, entitled Ripped Apart, Someone Is Watching quickly reintroduces the series. Shigeo Kageyama or “Mob” is a powerful esper that works for Reigen, a false psychic who owns the “Talk About Spirits Agency.” The cast of characters from season 1 remain, Dimple, a formerly powerful evil spirit that now hangs around Mob hoping to use his power someday.

Mob Training montage

There’s Ritsu Kageyama, Mob’s younger brother, also a psychic. Ritsu excels where Mob doesn’t with girls, school, athletics and Mob excels where he doesn’t, physic abilities. This episode begins with Reigen talking to a farmer that believe’s his farm is possessed. Of course he’s right. Reigen is a con artist, but manages to have a heart at the same time. Reigen agrees to take “30 % of his harvest.”

Mob wow’s the audience with his non speech

He and Mob (mostly Mob) face off against what the think a minor spirit, however, the spirit turns out to be more powerful. The battle is fine but what is most important is that Mob has seeming learned how to control living things “like a remote control car.” He uses this new ability to defeat the spirit and later is able to grow a cherry tomato plant from a seed almost instantly. We return to school where, Ichi-san is now part of the “Psycho Helmet Religion,” where she plans to exploit Mob for her own benefit.

Emi gives Mob a letter

Kamuro. the student President resigns as his unethical behavior from the previous season made him reconsider his position. Ichi sees this as an opportunity get Mob some attention. She uses his attraction for Tsubomi to convince him to run for President. Mob does the work but fails in epic fashion, becoming the first and only person to not speak during the five minutes allowed. Kamuro becomes President again, while Mob meets Emi who asks him out.

Everyone’s surprise by Mob’s “girlfriend”

We find out later that Mob declined her invitation, but still walked her home for a week so he would hurt her feelings. Mob’s kindness is both his most endearing and his biggest weakness. People take advantage of this kindness often and Emi does as well. She admits that she was “dared” to ask him out by her friends. However, her time spent with Mob has made her realized that maybe she a lot like Mob. She apologizes for the her deception, but Mob doesn’t hold it against her. Emi’s friends turn out to be mean girls and one girl tears up the book Emi was writing.


This is another moment of change for Mob. He criticizes the girls for destroying her work. Mob has decided that he’s going to “consider his feelings more,” and begins to tear up. He starts picking up the pieces of Emi’s book of the ground and she joins him. When the wind blows the pile of papers away, she thanks Mob for his help. He then uses his powers to collect the pieces and reform the book. Exposing his powers to Emi, as Tsubomi watches.

Mob using his esper powers to fix Emi’s book

Mob Psycho 100 picks up where season 1 left off. Maintaining the quality of the previous season. Bones continues to play with the animation of the series, keeping Mob Psycho’s visual originality. Seeing Mob’s emotion limitation expanded in this episode. What would a more mature Mob be able to do as a psychic? What effect does it have on the psychic explosion? Mob’s growth as a young man and an esper is going to be very important theme off this season, I can’t wait to see him mature.

Mob Psycho 100


Episode 10-12

Mob Psycho 100 isn’t predictable

Considering the connection to “One Punch Man,” I assumed that Mob was just going to defeat all enemies without much issue until the final fight. With One Punch Man this was the formula. However, Mob Psycho has derailed from this format. The final three episodes are proof of this change. In episode 10, The Heinous Aura/Mastermind, Teruki, Ritsu and Mob all seeming defeat their opposition with ease. However, when they encounter stronger opponents they all lost. Teruki and Ritsu losing and getting captured wasn’t surprising, but Mob losing was.


Reigen the mastermind

Reigen has been a bit of conflicting character. He is clearly a con man, but may not be as sinister as it seems. If you think about, when a client of his is under an impression that they are cursed or otherwise targeted by the paranormal, he indulges them in their view. It’s clear in this series that ghost, spirits and espers exists. Is it wrong to take advantage of people superstitious behavior? Probably, but, if you consider the peace of mind that comes from not thinking an evil spirit is attacking you it might be worth it. I say all this to point to the fact that Reigen may not be “bad” guy at all.


Reigen, being a con man, has a way with words. He uses the ability of his to make rational arguments and is often is convincing. This is no more on display than in episode 11. He manages to manipulate many of the lower level Claw into think that he was the boss. He appeals not to greed or some selfish motive, but to the bad morality and criminality of their behavior. He manages to talk his way into the Claw facility, free the group of espers and rescue Mob and the others. When he is finally is outed for not being the boss, he still manages to convince the low level Claw members to abandon the organization.


Surprising ending

It is Reigen, not Mob that saves the day. His philosophy regarding Mob’s use of his powers was an important, if not the most important aspect of this series. His unwillingness to allow Mob to fight, resulted in him becoming the most powerful character in the show, through Mob transferring his powers to him. Reigen view of the world and how psychic powers are just ONE aspect of humanity. He believe’s that there is no difference between the espers and more ordinary people. Ultimately, his argument proves to be the best and he defeats Claw (for now) with his wit not his borrowed power.

This series was fun and overall kept me surprised. The ending wasn’t as action-ed packed as I hoped, but I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome. Like many good series like Attack On Titan, and One Punch Man, I don’t anticipate seeing another season of this series for a year or two. However, it was clearly hinted that there will be one and I can’t wait for it.



Mob Psycho 100


Episode 8

The Older Brother Bows ~Destructive Intent~

Mob finally finds out that his brother now has psychic powers as well. He is shocked that his brother, Ritsu, would harm anyone. Dimple abandons him as he plays on attacking Mob. Like always, Mob isn’t harmed by his brother’s attack. He actually is happy to see that his brother got the powers he always wanted. Ritsu explains that his “admiration” for his brother was misplaced.


He elaborates, suggesting that he was actually “scared” of his brother and was only “nice” out of fear. Mob isn’t buying Ritsu’s argument, and walks past him, bowing to the students his brother hurt. A mysterious hooded adult, is told to kidnap Ritsu, but he is under the impression that, Ritsu is actually Mob. Meanwhile, the gangs are amused by Mob’s willingness to beg for their forgiveness.


The hooded adult attacks Ritsu, then assaults the gang members. Mob grabs the arm of this guy, while his progression towards explosion rapidly increases. Mob hit quickly punched into a wall. Carrying Ritsu, the adult forces the gang members to bow to him. He begins to leave as Mob gets up and charges at the hooded guy at high speeds. Mob abandons his no using his powers against humans, to protect his brother.


The mysterious guy removes his hoodie and uses his, Telekinetic Helix. He violently dominates Mob, whom has never been hit so hard. Mob’s barrier is useless, and Ritsu becomes saddened at the abuse his brother suffers. He grabs the guy from behind and is hit in response. Mob’s progression towards explosion reaches 100 and he thorough handles the mystery man.


Surprisingly, this isn’t enough, as the guy uses “Energy Bomb.” Dimple is shocked and goes to retrieve, Teruki. The mystery guy uses some spray to knock Mob unconscious. Mob gets up again, but the mystery man flees with his brother. Mob is unsurprisingly concerned by his brother, Teruki informs Dimple and Mob that a group called Claw was responsible. He warns Mob that they are dangerous. Mob decides that he will face them to get his brother back.


They head to the research facility and find that the civilians are still alive. The head of the facility tells them that the kids were kidnapped. This is another epic episode, and mark a significant change in the series. With Ritsu using his psychic powers and Mob attacking a human, things have changed. Mob was defeated by the mysterious man, and was psychically hit. His 100% explosion failed to win him the battle. The introduction of Claw has resulted in a more interesting story.


Mob Psycho 100

Episode 5

OCHIMUSHA – Psychic Power and Me


Mob V Teruki

Teruki Hanazawa is stunned to learn that there is another Esper. He is set on determining the “hierarchy” between them. It is clear that the philosophy regarding the use of psychic powers on humans. Mob’s stance is shaped by Reigen, whom compares psychic powers to knives. Teruki uses a telekinetic tackle, flinging Mob through the air and slamming him to the ground.


Death of Dimple

Seeing that Mob won’t fight back, Dimple stands in-between, Teruki and Mob. He transforms to his larger form. Without question, Teruki exorcises Dimple. At first, Mob seems to be upset, and his progression toward explosion increases to 50%. I’m disappointed Dimple’s “dead.” He was the comic relief i this series. He will be missed.



Teruki’s anger 

Mob’s calm personality and refusal to attack, angers Teruki. He releases his full power, however, Teruki has no intention of killing him. While fighting Mob deflects a number of knives, cutting of his hair. Teruki turns his tie into a sword, but to no avail. Mob concludes that Teruki is angry at him because his psychic powers is all he has. Mob calls him “average” and Teruki flies into a rage and begins to choke Mob. The progression towards explosion begins to increase dramatically at this point. Eventually, Mob passes out.



While in a state of unconsciousness, Mob’s power explode’s. Teruki begins to defend himself with a barrier. Mob blows right through it, along with Teruki’s clothing. Mob then begins to absorb ALL the energy in the atmosphere. Mob destroy’s the school, but regains consciousness. He begins to cry as he realizes that he failed to stay in control again. What is surprising is that Mob’s progression towards explosion continues. However, his sadness is the trigger this time. The result is Mob restores the school.

This episode through a wrench in the series. When, Mob is unconscious his power becomes terrorizing. What can be done to stop him remains to be seen, and whether he can control himself at some point. As always, the animation was amazing and the black and white contrast when Mob lost consciousness was dynamic. It think it visually captured Mob’s mental state perfectly. 


Mob Psycho 100


Episode 3

An Invite to a Meeting

~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular

As we left off last episode, Mob has joined the body improvement club (BIC). He’s not doing very well. He collapses after running with the other members of the club. The reason he joined the club was to become a more appealing man. I don’t think he will succeed in becoming an appealing man this way. The president of the body improvement club, Musashi-san, carries Mob into the room formerly home to the telepathy club.


President of the telepathy club, Tome Kurata, is still surprised that Mob didn’t choose them. However, the BIC simply wanted to utilize the room for their equipment. When Mob awakens he explains why he choose the BIC. He shows the telepathy club his powers. Tome asks him to help her communicate with extraterrestrials. She tells him that he can’t become popular no matter what he does. She suggest he should just read the minds of the girls he likes.


Walking home, Mob encounters a creepy woman in a smiling mask. She easily manipulates him into joining a new religious order called LOL. She gushes over their leader, Dimple-sama. She claims that he can make anyone laugh immediately. Mob is completely disinterested and simply wants the secret to popularity. Mob is lead to a room full of people wearing the creepy smiling masks. When forced on stage he joins a old man and a classmate named, Mezato Ichi.


Dimple-sama arrives and tells the people to remove their masks. They are clearly under his complete control. They laugh and stop on command. He offers to unlock the hearts of the old man, Ichi and Mob, through laughter. The old man and Mob are put in masks. Meanwhile, Ichi questions the likelihood that a new religion can recruit some many people in only a month. She is skeptical of LOL and doesn’t believe forcing herself to laugh is sincere. The smiling mask is put on her and she is forced to smile by it’s effects.


She still attempts to resist those effects. Mob on the other hand is immune. Dimple tries to convince Mob that he needs to laugh. He challenges Mob to a laughing contest. Mob agrees because he loves milk. He defeats the top 3 smiles. Dimple challenges him and gives him spike milk. Mob begins to become upset and his power ends the effects of Dimple’s hypnosis. Dimple doesn’t understand why he can’t make him laugh. Mob releases that Dimple has powers, but they still fail to work on him.


Dimple keeps picking at Mob. While he does Mob’s, “progress toward Mob’s explosion,” continues to increase. Dimple finally decides that he must kill Mob, and he turns the crowd against him. The narrator explains why Mob explodes. Locking away his emotion, Mob will eventually explode with emotion. This is the first episode were Mob reaches 100 and explodes. Mob’s hair now stands on end as an aura appears around him. The evil spirit manifests itself as a green muscle bound spirit with pink cheeks and purple lips.


Unsurprisingly, this is the moment when the animation really picks up. Like, One Punch Man there’s no sense of urgency regarding whether Mob is in danger or not. Watching is mostly a visual spectacle. Dimple tries to no avail to defeat Mob, but is thoroughly outclassed. Mob feels badly about ruining the fun of the members of the cult. Reigen tells him that he saved people who couldn’t save themselves. This was another good episode. Several of Mob’s classmates are now aware of his powers and he finally reached 100. It appears that the destructive force of reach 100 isn’t always the same if you compare it to the opening scene in episode 1. Hopefully, we’ll get some clarity in the regard.  


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Mob Psycho 100


Episode 2 

Doubts About Youth

– The Telepathy Club Appears-

Reigen continues to successfully pull of his “scam.” He convinces a client that his apparent use of +18 teen porn sites has given the client a digital curse. At first the client isn’t buying it, but after Reigen gives an “exorcism” he feels healed. Reigen also continues to take advantage of Mob’s naivety and manipulate him into continuing to work for very little. Reigen’s behavior is troubling, but I can’t seem to view him as being evil or bad. 


Meanwhile, at Mob’s school we see a student, Takenaka storm out of the Telepathy Club. This results in the the club falling under the 5 min. member rule. The president Tome-chan and her 3 fellow members are tasked with finding a fifth member. They fail to get anyone to join because the club is considered to be “creepy.” Obviously, Mob is considered the perfect candidate, mainly do to his lack of friends. However, it is clear that he really isn’t that interested in joining. 


Reigen and Tome-chan have an funny conversation, where Tome calls him out on his scam. One of the members reveals that he basically only joined the club, “just to goof off.” Anyway, Reigen and Mob, dress in drag in order to infiltrate the all girls school. It’s a little refreshing that Reigen wasn’t convincing as a little girl. The two girls inform him that they believe that the school is haunted. Mob searches for it and find that it has been stacking the girls. Mob traps it within the gym as the girls play basketball. The ghost is a glowing green giant, wearing glasses, called Evil Spirit: Scent-Ghoul . 


Mob destroy’s the arm of the spirit. Knowing that it’s too weak to defeat Mob, target’s a student as an hostage. It’s useless of course as Mob quickly destroy’s the ghost, as it disappears into the afterlife he tell’s Mob that he should “live life to the fullest.” The following day Mob is about to sign up for the telepathy club, when he is told he should only join if he truly wants to. Mob flashes back to when he was a child and shows the girl of his dreams his ESP powers. She quickly get over it and falls for a jock. In a surprising and funny twist he chooses to join the Body Improvement Club. 


This was a very entertaining episode. I don’t know how long Reigen scams can work. Mob seems too naive to get that he’s being used, but it’s possible he erupts and loses control of his powers. The animation in this series is being used in a particularly clever manner. Ranging from being sketchy and pencil like, to simple but thick black outlines to completely detailed animation. This isn’t unique to Mob Psycho 100, but it is becoming an important part of the series. 


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Mob Psycho 100 is a visual marvel


I’ve been hearing about “Mob Psycho 100,” for a while and some of my friends have suggested that it is the greatest anime ever created. That may be a bit premature, but the sentiment may prove accurate one day. There is a danger in over-hyping any series. Even if it’s good it will fall short of peoples expectations.

The story is centered around the main protagonists, Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob. Mob is an eight grader, who is an Esper. He has a distinctive bowl/helmet hairstyle and a muted emotional range. Mob suppresses his emotion due to his tremendous psychic powers. He fears that he can cause a great deal of harm if his emotions reach a high level. To this end, when his percentage of his emotions reach 100, he loses control and uses his full power. Mob apparently possesses “an unknown power,” this power “far surpasses even the height of his abilities, but is uncontrollable and only awakens when unconscious.


Episode 001 – Self-Proclaimed Psychic:

Reigen Arataka And Mob

The First Episode introduces us to Mob’s “Master,” Reigen Arataka who presents himself as a real psychic but is a total fraud. Arataka is the comic relief of the series so far. He’s an emotional and dramatic presence. Mob in comparison doesn’t seem to impressed with any of the “missions.” During what appears to be his first mission, Arataka uses salt to defeat a ghost. He fails miserably and is shocked that it didn’t work. He casually calls Mob, whom instantly destroys the ghost.

Reigen seems to be manipulating Mob to help him make money by doing all the work. I got the impression that he cares for Mob, but it may be due only to his value as a financial asset. Anyway in the climax of the episode Mob and Reigen face-off against what was suppose to be a powerful spirit. Mob easily defeat it, freeing the spirits that were trapped.



Mob Psycho 100 is created by ONE (the pseudonym for the anonymous Japanese manga artists) the creator of One-Punch man. The similarities between the to series are clear in the style of the main characters, mainly the eyes. In addition to this ONE seems to be fond of characters with powers that surpasses most of their enemies. I haven’t seen any of the other episodes, but it seems like he never in danger. It’s unclear the reason ONE doesn’t have characters that are less powerful and build the strength up. However, I have enjoyed One-Punch man even though I was skeptical.

The animation in this series is spectacular. The character models are distinct from the background and other aspects of the series. They feature a bold outline and can feel 2D in a 3D environment. This can seems strange at first, but I think you’ll get use to it. The series features vibrant colors and imaginative ghost designs. The emotion depicted in the series is dramatic, but effective. It highlights the contrast between Reigen personality and Mob’s. This is a series I think is worthy of it’s hype.