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Disney’s Star Wars: Visions – Anime and the Star Wars mythology collide in a new anthology series

During a special panel at Anime Expo Lite, Lucasfilm revealed the anthology series. Star Wars: Visions will arrive on September 22 on Disney+. Lucasfilm allowed some of Japan’s best animation studios to tell stories in the Star Wars universe. The studios could use established characters or create new ones, and they don’t need to consider the official timeline. Executive producer James Waugh said “We really wanted to give these creators a wide creative berth to explore all the imaginative potential of the Star Wars galaxy through the unique lens of anime,” and “We realized we wanted these to be as authentic as possible to the studios and creators who are making them, made through their unique process, in a medium they’re such experts at. So the idea was, this is their vision riffing off all the elements of the Star Wars galaxy that inspired them — hopefully, to make a really incredible anthology series, unlike anything we’ve seen before in the Star Wars galaxy.”

An all star lineup

Many anime fans will recognize many of the seven studios tasked with creating nine shorts. Kamikaze Douga specializes in animation for commercials, videogames, and anime openings/endings. They’re most well known for the 2012 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime openings. Geno Studio (Twin Engine) the studio that produces Golden Kamuy, Studio Colorido (Twin Engine) the producer of Burn the Witch movie, and Pokemon: Twilight Wings, Kinema Citrus (Made in Abyss), Science SARU (Devilman Crybaby), Production I.G (FLCL Progressive), and Studio Trigger (Little Witch Academia, SSSS.Gridman, Promare). Each studio will tell a different story, with unique visual styles:

  • Kamikaze Douga –The Duel
  • Geno Studio (Twin Engine) – Lop and Ochō
  • Studio Colorido (Twin Engine) Tatooine Rhapsody
  • Trigger The Twins
  • Trigger The Elder
  • Kinema Citrus The Village Bride
  • Science Saru – Akakiri
  • Science Saru – T0-B1
  • Production IG The Ninth Jedi

A love letter to Star Wars

All the studios are huge Star Wars fans and were excited. Takanobu Mizuno, the director of The Duel, a black and white samurai-inspired short, said “he just wanted this to be a love letter to Star Wars.” Each short will focus on different genres, characters, and themes. Lop and Ocho introduces a space bunny character Lop, Studio Colorido’s Tatooine Rhapsody is a rock opera with a “Chibi art style,” and Trigger’s The Twins will follow the story of twins born to the dark side and The Elder will explore the relationship between Master and Padawan. Like many anthology series, fans may like some over others. Regardless, as a fan of anime and Star Wars, I’m excited about this series.

Watch the Star Wars: Visions Special Look:



Chainsaw Man’s first trailer is out and it’s good

MAPPA has cemented itself as one of the top Japanese animation studios. Founded in 2011, MAPPA (Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association) has produced some of the most impressive anime in recent years, Yuri on Ice (2016), Banana Fish (2018), Dororo (2019), Dorohedoro (2020), Jujutsu Kaisen (2020), AOT (2020/2022), and now Chainsaw Man. The series follows Denji, a young man that becomes a Devil Hunter for the yakuza. Chainsaw Man sold 11 million copies so far and has been received well by critics and fans. The first part of Chainsaw Man ended in December 2020.

The second part of the series has already been announced and will follow Denji as he attends school while balancing being a Chainsaw man. In between the two parts will be Chainsaw Man’s anime and the expectations are high. The anticipation for this trailer was notable, with fans eagerly waiting for what MAPPA had to offer. The date of Chainsaw Man’s anime release isn’t known, but you could expect that it will premiere in October or November 2021.

It’s difficult to explain exactly why MAPPA’s animation is so amazing, but I think they have managed to blend 2D and 3D animation together. It’s hard to tell if something is 2D or not. The backgrounds are clearly 3D but they don’t feel out of place. Their animation is both detailed and simple if that makes any sense. The trailer starts off slow, with the main characters doing mundane things, like eating and going to the beach. Then the music cuts out, given way to some haunting voices in the background. Suddenly, loud music begins as the characters engage in bloody and violent battles. Chainsaw Man is going to be compared to Jujutsu Kaisen, but I think the former seems way more violent. Not that I’m complaining.


The Peer Pressure Tag!


-Link back to the creator which is Random Thoughts of My Fandoms.

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What was the last thing someone tried to pressure you into watching/reading?

My brother keeps trying to get me to watch the Boys (amazon).

Did you watch/read it? If so, how’d it turn out? New favourite, or are you questioning that person’s personal taste?

From what I’ve heard, the Boys are a brilliant series. I’ve read the comic book series and watched episode 1. I intend to finish but with all the anime, tennis and other shows I watch I have little time for it.

What was the last thing you tried to pressure someone into watching/reading?

In turn, I tried to get my brother to watch Demon Slayer.

Did they watch/read it? If so, how’d it turn out? New favourite, or are they now questioning your personal taste?

So far he hasn’t watched it yet.

When was the last time you listened to Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’? Marks out of 5?

Never heard of the song.

And I’ll be tagging all these wonderful folks! (Apologies if people have already been tagged):

  1. Demon God Tadd
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  10. Paul

My Questions for the tagged:

  1. Have you ever felt pressure to blog about a popular topic (within your own blogs genre)?
  2. Have you ever felt pressure to engage in controversial topics on your blog?
  3. Did you feel pressure to avoid discussing a t.v. show, manga, comic book or book because it’s considered unpopular?
  4. Has any pressure you felt regarding changing your blog improved your blog?
  5. What’s an anime or manga series (or any other entertainment medium) did you dislike at first but ended up loving?


  • If your into American comics, then I would recommend Future State: Wonder Woman Vol 1.
  • Once & Future is a modern comic retelling of Arthurian literature. Bridgette McGuire is an elderly woman that escapes from her retirement home. She introduces her grandson, Duncan, to this alternative world. The comic is well written and the art from Dan Mora is amazing.
  • My Hero Academia is one of the best manga series currently in production. Center on a world of heroes and villains, My Hero Academia focuses on the students at UA, as they learn how to be heroes. MHA is like most shonen battle manga, but it differs in two specific ways. First, Deku is more analytical than the typical shonen hero. Second Kohei Horikoshi treats the villains like he does the heroes.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga series and anime that’s making waves. It’s currently on its 18th episode and 138th chapter, I would highly recommend the series.
  • Black Clover like MHA and Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular manga series. I didn’t initially like this series because of early similarities to Naruto. However, the series separates itself from Naruto and comes into its own.

Otaku Orbit – 2020 year in review

As the terrible 2020 comes to a close, I’m happy to write my annual year in review. Having re-read my 2019 blog post, I am ashamed to say that I’ve accomplished almost nothing I intended. I haven’t even started writing that book, failed to comment more, haven’t written more essays, reviewing classic anime, manga vols., or comic books. I reviewed more movies, and completed more anime seasons, but I could do better. After changing my permalinks last year and costing myself monthly viewers, I have recovered well and increased viewership. The last three months have surpassed 10,000 views. Hopefully that trend continues. Overall, this blog will reach just under 100,000 views (97,000). So despite my failures, I have made progress elsewhere.

My Top Ten Posts:

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I would like to thank the viewers for continuing to support me. 2020 was a tough year, hopefully 2021 will be better. A special thank you to my top commenter’s:

  1. Redgeek (86)
  2. dreager1 (83)
  3. Roderick J “Jay” Friz (67)
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Top Five Videogames I’m Looking forward to in 2021

1. Far Cry 6

Developer: Ubisoft Toronto

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X

The upcoming sixth game in the Far Cry series, Far Cry 6, is a first-person shooter. Set on the fictional Caribbean island, Yara, you play guerilla fighter Dani Rojas. Players will make weapons, use vehicles, hire Amigos, and use the “Fangs for Hire” system all in service to topple a dictatorship. Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito) is a fascist dictator. His son, Diego (Anthony Gonzalez) struggles with the expectations his father has placed on him. The Far Cry series has sold over 50 millions copies since 2004. Personally, I’ve only played 3 entries, but Far Cry 6 has me excited.

2. Resident Evil Village

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X

The latest entry in the storied survival horror series, Resident Evil Village, is the tenth major instalment in the series. A direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Village takes place a few years later. Chris Redfield re-enters the life of Ethan Winters, shooting his wife Mia. Ethan finds himself in a mysterious village searching for answers. I enjoyed Resident Evil 7: Biohazard until the end that felt too much like Call of Duty, abandoning the horror elements that made the game frighting. Hopefully, this next game will continue the horror aspects of the last game.

3. Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

I’m never disappointed with a Zelda game, and Breath of the Wild was no different. A launch game for the Nintendo Switch in 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, received critical acclaim for its gameplay and attention to detail. Many consider the game to be one of the greatest games of all time, selling over 20 million copies, making it the highest selling video gems of all time. Nintendo announced the sequel at 2019’s E3 with Aonuma claiming that the game will “build atop the original’s world with a new story and gameplay elements.” We know little about the game and expectations are high, but Nintendo always meets the high standards.

4. God of War 2: Ragnarok

Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio

Publisher: Sony

Platform: Playstation 4

The God of War series was first introduced on the Playstation 2 in 2005. An action-adventure game that follows Kratos, a tragic Spartan warrior tricked into killing his family by the God Ares. I was into the first two but didn’t play rest. God of War for the Playstation 4 marked my return to the series, and I wasn’t disappointed. Unlike the previous games in the series, God of War took place in the world of Norse mythology. Everyone praised the game for its art direction, graphics, combat system, characters, and cinematic feeling. The father and son relationship stood out the most to me. Having a personal love of mythology and stylish violence, God of War, is my kind of game. A sequel was never in doubt, especially considering how it ended.

5. Horizon Forbidden West

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony

Platforms: Playstation 4 & 5

New ip can be hit or miss, so when Horizon Zero dawn was released in 2017, I didn’t know what to expect. The series follows the story of Aloy, a hunter in a post-apocalyptic world, the player hunts robotic creatures with stealth, traps, and arrows. The series was well received, selling over 10 million copies. I’m too impatient for stealth games like Horizon Dawn, but the story and characters kept me interested. Once you get use to the gameplay, the game become captivating. Horizon Forbidden West promises to introduce more robotic creatures and new environments. In the sequel, humanity is facing an unknown threat, and Aloy traverses unfamiliar terrain in search of answers.