E3 2018 Day 2: Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft has been lagging in sales compared to the PS4 and soon the Switch. The largest part of the problem seems to be a lack of exclusive games. While not exclusive we did see the debut of a new Kingdom Heart 3 trailer featuring Frozen.

Square Enix announced that KH3 will be released January 2019 :

Halo Infinite was announced for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Personally, I stopped caring about Halo years ago but I would like to see fans of the series get another good entry. The teaser was brief and will be made by 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite:

Gear of War is another series that I stopped caring about. The gameplay that was at one point revolutionary became rather stale. The large brooding characters and large monsters are back. Along with Gears of War 5, Microsoft announced a mobile game as well a turn-based strategy game for PC.

Gears of War 5:

Finally a game I’m excited about, Devil May Cry 5. It’s been a decade since DMC4 and apparently this is the “true” sequel. The trailer seem to introduce a new remodeled Nero, and of course Dante returns, regardless it looks epic.




E3 2018: EA is bring Star Wars back

E3 is back, starting with an EA conference. They revealed several new games in the Battlefield, FIFA, Madden series. They presented a new “Cloud-based game streaming service,” that will allow gamers to “stream games to their phone and attach their own controllers or play on a laptop.”

However, the news that piqued my interest was the new entries in the Star Wars universe. Personally, I don’t really care about Star Wars: Battlefront 2 but if you do there will be “brand new multiplayer sandbox mode,” as well as Clone Wars characters. The most potentially promising game announced was Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, a new single player game that is set between Star Wars Episode III and IV. Expected to be released in 2019, the game may see player play the role of the Sith. Star Wars games have been disappointing, I’m still waiting for a KOTOR remake, maybe this game will be good.

Check out more from E3 here: Fandom  and the Verge

Microsoft reveals the Xbox One X

Microsoft revealed the official name and some details for the previously dubbed Scorpio console. It’s called the Xbox One X, if this is the next gen console for Microsoft the name similar to the Wii U doesn’t give that impression. Regardless, the next console is unsurprisingly a powerhouse. It doesn’t really look different from the Xbox One S, but it’s much smaller. It will be released in November.

Price: The console will be $500 US, £449, €499, CA$599, and AU$649.

The Games, let’s face it the only thing that matters are the games, so:


Assassin’s Creed Origins

Crackdown 3

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

There are many more games check them out.

Resident Evil 7 impressions


At E3 this Capcom finally showed us Resident Evil 7 . . . well not really. The teaser demo they released was more of a preview. According to IGN the director Koushi Nakanishi said of the teaser, that it is a “kind of a tonal preview instead of a content preview.” The demo didn’t feature all the gameplay elements that will be in the final game. The teaser was released as a free demo on PSN.

“Resident Evil 7 less scary, Capcom says you should make your family watch”

Nakanishi emphasized that the older elements of Resident Evil like “puzzle solving, resource management, and combat,” will return. The demo reminds many gamers of the Silent Hill: PT demo. This demo didn’t have a great deal of action, but did feature puzzle solving. It was also from the first person perspective.


You play a cameraman that breaks into an abandoned home to film a movie. After you wake up you search the house for clues, while trying to leave the house. You can “beat” the demo and get multiple endings. Some fans have expressed disappointment regarding the demo. However, Capcom has put those disappointments to rest, revealing that “this is just a statement of intent, purpose, to say it’s back.

“Resident Evil 7′ in VR is a sweaty, puke-inducing masterpiece”

Resident Evil 7 will exists in the same universe as RE5 and RE6. Instead of the action style of the RE5 and RE6, the game will be more like the previous games in the series. Nakanishi has said to  Eurogamer. “We are separating these aspects out into different titles where that gameplay can come to the fore, and makes the most sense for that title. [Resident Evil 7] is not going to be a gun fest.


IGN spoke with producer Masachika Kawata and director Koushi Nakanishi to learn more about the game. Resident 7 will not be a “reboot,” Kawata said “It’s the next title in the numbered series, so obviously it’s part of the Resident Evil universe, and overall canon, so to speak. It’s not a separate thing, but we have intentionally made it so that maybe when you first play it you’ll almost think: how could this possibly be related to the rest of Resident Evil? But it is. It is an extension of the series so far. It’s not a reboot. It’s the next main game.” 

“Resident Evil 7’s demo content won’t be in the main game, but a new hero will”

The article is worth a full read, but overall this demo is a good start. It definitely sets the tone for the series return to it’s survivor horror roots. Hopefully, they can find a balance between action and horror. The first person perspective can take getting use. However, I do think that the first person view will add to the horror aspect in this game. I’m excited, and hope that Capcom delivers. 

E3 2016 (Part 2)


In recent years Nintendo has been keeping their E3 presentation simple. Video presentation and gameplay. This year they disappointed fans by announcing that they won’t be showing the next Nintendo console the NX. However, they centered their presentation on Pokemon and Zelda.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo went through some gameplay, starting with the beginning. Nintendo left out some details, but some new Pokemon were revealed. Yungoos, a normal type badger and Pikipek a woodpecker bird.

The new game mode called “Battle Royal,” which “puts four trainers against each other at the simultaneously.” The second screen has been updated, and there have been some design changes.

Producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori stated that, “the reason they’re called Moon and Sun is because they represent the source of life. They want to emphasis the relationship to life and nature in the Pokemon world. They said the new legendary Pokemon are representative of the moon and sun and will have special abilities based on those facets.”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This new open world Zelda game was my most anticipated games of this years E3 and I wasn’t disappointed. You begin as Link, awoken after 100 years. The first thing I noticed is that there’s voice acting, of course Link still doesn’t speak. The game is apparently so large that “1% of a map that’s 12 times the size of Twilight Princess’ world.” Some other interesting facts:

  • Link can now climb cliffs and buildings
  • Link can take enemy weapons
  • Bombs no longer need to be replenished
  • Link can control when they explode
  • Fruits and Vegetables now replenish your hearts
  • You can hunt animals for meat
  • Explore dungeons in any order
  • Doesn’t require Wii U controller

E3 2016 (Part 1)

E3 has lost some of its luster in recent years or at least I’m not as excited about it. I always kind of hated the stage craft and silly jokes. Sometimes a company would show up with just a series of cut scene filled trailers, no gameplay and a power-point presentations about console sales. However, I still love video-games and with the internet I can wait until the press conferences are over and just watch the commentary that others have regarding what was presented. So far Sony, Bethesda, EA, Microsoft, Square Enix and Ubisoft have already presented, only Nintendo remains. Here’s what interested me so far:


Press Conference

Microsoft announces the XBOX One S. Expected to be released in August for $300.00

Microsoft reveals next console, “Project Scorpio.” The console is set to be released in 2017. It features “8 cores, 320Gb memory bandwidth, and six teraflops of performance that will allow for true fully uncompressed 4K gaming.” I have no idea what any of the tech means but I can assume that everything will look better and be faster. This console generation fell like its ending prematurely. However, the potential for two new console’s next year is exciting.

Gears of War 4 Stage Demo- I like Gears of War, but I haven’t felt excited to play the series in years. I think I’ll give the next chapter in the series a chance though.

Square Enix  demos FF15:


Press Conference

Titanfall 2 – I enjoyed Titanfall 1, but I wasn’t very good at it. I might pass on this one. Check it out:

Star Wars – EA owns the license of Star Wars series and they are using it. EA announced six games are currently in development.

Mass Effect Andromeda – Mass Effect is one of my favorite series ever. I love the story, exploration, gameplay and sci fi elements. I’ve been anticipating this game for a while now. It doesn’t look like this game will disappoint.

Resident Evil 7 – I love this series, but have been disappointed by the abandonment of the horror and the addition of “Call of Duty,” style weapons and gameplay. I still love the games and this one looks promising.