Kill La Kill – Episode 10: Ryuko battles Nonon Jakuzure in the air

I Want to Know More About You

Kill La Kill Episode 10, “I want to know more about you,” started of with a flashback of Hoka Inumuta and how he came to meet Satsuki. When he was younger, Inumuta hacked into the security system of the Revocs Corporation. He was captured. Satsuki saw potential in him and invited him to attend Honnouji Academy. During the flashback, we get a interesting view of Satsuki ideals. She seems to be under the impression that she can “change the world” with Honnouji Academy High School. Hoka is hyper analytical and his Goku uniform enhances this ability. His three star uniform, Probe Regalia analyzes Ryuko and her abilities.

Ryuko appears to have figured out rather quickly how to counter Hoka, fight erratically. Hoka, counters her counter by making himself invisible. Ryuko expands Senketsu such that Senketsu’s eye stretched the distance of the entire battle field. This prevented Hoka from evading Senketsu and his ability to gather information on Ryuko. Unable to win and unwilling to lose his data Hoka forfeits, he also avoids getting his Goku uniform destroyed by Ryuko. Her next opponent is Nonon Jakuzure.

Nonon 3 star uni

Nonon and Ryuko’s air battle

Nonon who like the previous fighters is given a flashback.  It’s revealed that she meet Satsuki when they were just a child. Nonon’s Three-Star Goku Uniform, Symphony Regalia is an aircraft “that attacks her with sound vibrations”. Nonon attempts to win by destroying the battle arena, knocking Ryuko out in the process. However, Ryuko transforms into Senketsu Gale, a flying evolution of Senketsu. Aikuro appears to be troubled by the quick evolution of Senketsu, he calls Tsumugu, telling him that he should “assume a worst-case scenario”. Meanwhile, Ryuko manages to trigger Nonon’s temper, as she declares that “the sky is her world.”


Kill La Kill Episode 8 and 9: Satsuki Kiryuin introduces a seven-day battle royal


Episode 8 – I Will Wipe My Own Tears

In Kill La Kill Episode 8, Satsuki announces that she has developed a new “natural selection” system. A seven-day battle free for all will ensue and those who make it past the week will be able to earn Goku Uniforms for themselves. Ryuko takes Mako to her old house, she flashes back to the day of her father’s death. Failing to find further clues they head home, however, their scooter runs out of gas. They meet Ira Gamagoori (who just got his driver’s license), who offers a ride to the gas station.

While driving “the automotive and airsoft clubs” attack Ira in an attempt to get his Three-Star Goku Uniform, “Shackle Regalia”. Ira goes into a flashback where he recalls first meeting Satsuki. Ira uniform utilizes masochism for power and defeats his opponents. At Honnouji’s surviving students assemble for the “Sudden Death Runoff Election“, however only Ryuko and the “Elite Four” get to the top. Ryuko is challenged by Satsuki to defeat each of the Elite Four, she will in exchange provides details of her father’s death.


Episode 9 – A Once in a Lifetime Chance

The battle begins between Ira and Ryuko. Aikuro doubts her ability to face and defeat the Elite Four. She is confident in her ability to win. Ira activating his “Shackle Regalia”, Ryuko decides to refrain from attacking him in order to prevent him from gaining power. He has a counter to this and proceeds to hit himself, providing that power. Ira tells Ryuko that Shackle Regalia is an armor protecting its own life fibers.

Ryuko is pushed into a corner, as she is trapped into a loop of being unable to “damage the Shackle Regalia without powering up the Scourge Regalia form”. Stubborn, Ryuko keeps on attacking Ira to bring out Scourge Regalia’s full power. However, Senketsu has a plan, using his fangs to break into Ira’s uniform and release “Senketsu Senjin“. After Ira was defeated,  he attempted suicide but Satsuki prevents him from succeeding. Ryuko now must prepare to face her next opponent, Houka Inumuta.

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Kill La Kill Episode 7: Mako Mankanshok succumbs to the trappings of wealth


Episode 7 – A loser I Can’t Hate

Kill La Kill Episode 7 pits Ryuko against her best friend. After handling the “Knife Throwing Club”, “Nanjing Lily Club” and the “Tightrope Walking Club”, Ryuko decides to start her own “Fight Club”. Satsuki is amused that Ryuko is interacting herself into the system, Ryuko comments that she is “gonna make her precious system fall to pieces around her”. She elects Mako as president (due to the amount of paperwork) and suggests that being president will help Mako’s reputation. First Ryuko fights the “Folk dance club”, then what seems like the swim team, followed by the “Pottery Club”. Ryuko continues her dominance against the other clubs as Mako is rewarded with a one-star, then a two-star Goku uniform.

With these uniforms comes wealth and prestige that unsurprising corrupts the Mankanshok family. Ryuko, however, starts to feel lonely as the family becomes distracted by their new lifestyle. She decides to quit the club, Satsuki uses this moment to manipulate Mako into fighting Ryuko. In exchange for defeating Ryuko, Mako can keep her current lifestyle. She can’t pass up this opportunity so she and Ryuko engage in battle. The fight starts off entertaining but Ryuko decides to quit putting up a fight. Mako finally realizes her mistake and gives one of her patented speeches. Ryuko destroys Mako’s two-star uniform and they watch fireworks together.

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Kill La Kill Episode 6: Ryuko faces her latest test against Uzu


Episode 6 – Don’t Toy With Me on a Whim

Kill La Kill Episode 6, “Don’t Toy with me on a Whim” introduces a second member of Elite Four. In the previous episode, Nonon Jakuzure debuted. After discovering Aikuro’s connection to Tsumugu, Ryuko interrogates him to find out more. She manages to only get the name of his organization, “Nudist Beach” (and a close-up of his shining nipples). Uzu Sanageyama seeks permission from Satsuki to fight Ryuko. We are treated to a flashback of Lady Satsuki and Uzu when they were in the third year of middle school. Satsuki easily dispatches Uzu and his fellow gang members. She then invites him to attend Honnouji Academy to release his potential.

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Uzu transforms into a mecha uniform called Three-Star Ultima Uniform: Blade Regalia. Uzu can read all of Ryuko moves with his Secret Technique: Heaven’s Eye!. He then uses a second technique God-Speed Thousand Thrusts!, gaining the advantage. Ryuko with the help of Senketsu allows Uzu to cut off a piece of her uniform so she could blind him. She quickly capitalizes and uses her Finishing move: Thread Stripper!, and destroys his uniform.

Uzu isn’t done yet. He begs Satsuki for a second chance and she grants it. His new suit is the Three-Star Ultima Uniform: Blade Regalia Mk 2!, Ryuko assumes she can use her plan from their previous fight. However, Uzu asked Iori to “sew his eyes shut” so he’s no longer susceptible to her plan. Satsuki explains that by sewing his eyes closed Uzu acquired the “Minds Eye”. Ryuko is being thoroughly thrashed until Uzu’s uniform overheats giving her the opportunity to flee.


Kill La Kill Episode 5: Ryuko Matoi becomes the target of Nudist Beach

Tsumugu Kinagase targets Ryuko in Kill La Kill Episode 5.
Tsumugu Kinagase targets Ryuko

Episode 5 – Trigger

Kill La Kill Episode 5, “Trigger,” introduces us to the rebel organization Nudist Beach. Tsumugu Kinagase is an assassin and anti-uniform Guerilla with his sights set on Ryuko. He is interrupted by the gardening club and promptly defeats them. Ryuko rescues Mako from the biology club by using her Finishing move: Thread Stripper. Ryuko can now alter the size of her scissor sword so that it’s pocket-sized. Senketsu criticizes Ryuko for becoming too cocky and explains that she can “immediately spot any change in your physiology” including her weight (as he criticizes her eating habits).

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Mako is then attacked by Tsumugu and he attempts to strip Ryuko of her Kamui. Aikuro stops him and they meet later to discuss his search for the “God robes”. Mako’s family provides their usual humor as they spy on Ryuko as she has a conversation with Senketsu. Ryuko and Tsumugu face-off but before they can complete the fight they are attacked by the ” gardening, rakugo and hyakunin-isshu clubs”.

Tsumugu manages to defeat Ryuko and the clubs, he tells her about a woman who once wore (I’m assuming) a god robe that appeared to have betrayed her. Mako continues to save Ryuko when she’s down with one of her rants. Tsumugu finally understands the bond between Ryuko and Senketsu. Nonon Jakuzure, one of the Student’s Council’s Elite Four. She’s responsible for regulating non-athletic groups. Nonon attempts to capture both Tsumugu and confiscate Senketsu. Tsumugu, Senketsu, and Ryujo manage to escape to Aikuro’s house.