Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Episode 2 Review


I’m a little late on this episode but I’ll catch up by the end of the week. Anyway, this episode starts with Sakura showing Tomoyo and Syaoran her new captured clow card and the new key. Tomoyo is disappointed that she couldn’t record the capture. She shows Sakura her new outfit and gives Kero his outfit. Sakura’s classmate gives her a cheesecake recipe, her teacher comes in and asks if the students have to choose the club they want to join. Tomoyo decides to join the chorus club and Sakura will go for cheer-leading.

Tomoyo and Sakura are making the cheesecake recipe Chiharu gave them, some might find this sequence to be tedious but I found it surprisingly enjoyable. Toya arrives and Kero pretends to be a plushy, however, Toya is suspicious because the cheesecake in front of Kero is partially eaten and Kero has cake on his face. As Toya announces what he’ll make for dinner Kero begins to drool, almost revealing himself. Kero puts on her new pink outfit and Tomoyo bring to record when Sakura’s room transforms.

Sakura thinks it a dream until Kero pulls her face proving that their in reality. Sakura attempts to touch the walls but the wall “runs” from her. It turns out that they are trapped within a massive cube. The walls beings to attack Tomoyo, Sakura and Kero, they realize that the cube is like rubber or a balloon. They consider popping the walls with Tomoyo’s pins, Sakura releases her staff. Tomoyo uses her pin and the cube pop’s, Sakura secures the clow card, capturing the Siege card. Another, entertaining episode, I can’t wait to see Sakura use her new clow card to capture others.

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  1. I found this episode a little bit slow given we spent a lot of time just kind of following the kids around at school. The capture, however, was great.

    1. I kinda like the fact that they follow the characters around for their more mundane daily activities. I agree that the capture was great.

      1. I liked it more when I was younger but now I just kind of found it dull (then again, I’m not really into school based slice of life stories so no real surprise).

  2. Question did they keep that really odd phone call after they got the siege card? Cause omg that’s where they ended vol 1 of the manga.

    1. So far the episodes seem to follow the manga very closely. The only weird phone calls have been between Eriol and Sakura so far.

      1. Then they took that scene out w Li calling Eriol. Cause so far Eriol has been avoiding calling Sakura after the cards became clear

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