Candy Flurry Chapter 1: What happens when you turning candy into weapons

Candy Flurry Chapter 1 Cover

It’s easier to eat a lollipop when you break it

Candy Flurry Chapter 1 introduces us to Tsumugi Minase. A cute girl who loves candy, specifically lollipops. She loves how they look and of course how they taste. Candy Flurry takes place in a world where the candy company ToyToy’s Candy sold 100 pieces of limited candy. No candy is the same. If you consumed a candy, you gain the ability to create the sweet. The consequence of the candy users was the “decimation of Tokyo.” The user was a lollipop user, who remains unknown. The ToyToyCandy company stopped selling the candy but sweet users increased their criminal activity. Minase heads into an alleyway after receiving cream puffs for lunch. Suddenly, a bank robber with a donut ability attacks her. Minase reveals she’s a lollipop user.

Minase is caught by several men. However, they are quickly defeated by a recette armed with a fork. His name is Misaki Midori. The recette (sweets police) are responsible for arresting sweet users. Misaki is polite towards Minase, but he suspects her of being a sweet user. In class, Minaski is introduced to her new classmate, Misaki Midori. It can be difficult to tell how old characters are in anime and manga, but Misaki and Minase seem to be in high school. It’s strange to see an underage student (Misaki) is involved in a policing organization that subjects him to potential harm.

Minase uses her lollipop ability, exposing herself as a sweet user.

Lollipops are the devil’s candy

Misaki is you’re typically boy scout type. He follows the rules all the time, even outside his work. On top of that, he hates candy, especially lollipops making him the perfect foil for Minase. Candy Flurry’s chapter 1, sets up an inevitable clash between these two. A lollipop user is responsible for the destruction and harm that occurred in Tokyo five years ago. However, if no two users of ToyToy’s Candy can have the same ability then who did it? Minase is then put in an impossible position when the donut user from earlier escapes and seeks revenge. She refuses to use her power but when Misaki gets hurt she has no choice.

Minase rushes up to the roof of a building. She jumps off and clobbers the donut user, exposing herself as a sweet user. Misaki thanks her for saving him but claims he has no choice but to arrest her. Candy Flurry is going to be instantly be compared to One Piece. Particularly the mechanism for acquiring powers. That’s where I think the similarities end. I wonder why the donut user went mad. He keeps referencing a pain in his head, and Misaki notes that he’s “lost control.” I like this series, it may not become a game-changer, but a manga series that fun, with good art, is enough for me.

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  1. I’m really glad you’re enjoying Candy Flurry- I recommended it because I was hoping a lot of people would. And I’m glad that you’re choosing to talk about it- it’ll help more people learn about the series and get its name out there. Maybe it won’t get cancelled…….
    The art IS really good, isn’t it. And I suppose Tsumugi is kind of cute. Her character is also really nice- I’ve been really enjoying this series so far.

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