Boruto, looks to find his own ninja way


Boruto, chapter 10, My Story is the final chapter of the Momoshiki arc and I’m excited for the future of this series. The Boruto anime will premiere April 5th.

Momoshiki sends Boruto an ominous message

After Momoshiki defeat Boruto can still sense him, he appears above Boruto. Momoshiki mentions that Boruto has Byakugan blood within him. Boruto begins to panic, as he can no longer move. Momoshiki tells him that he can “see his fate clearly.” He tell hims that his “blue eyes . . . will be the take everything from him.” This is the most confusing part of this chapter, is Momoshiki still alive? What does Boruto’s eye have to do with anything? I assume it has something to do with the Byakugan and maybe Boruto’s potential new abilities.


More of the new generation

Team Moegi, Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin are complain about having too many missions for a genin team. Shikadai is like his father was, lazy. Moegi tells them get back to work and the more the do, the more money they make. Meanwhile, Gaara, Kankuro, Shinki, Araya and Yodo discuss Boruto defeating Momoshiki. Shinki says that because Boruto is “reckless, foolish, and a low level ninja.” While, Gaara tries to explain that he is the reason Shinki didn’t fight, Shinki still believes that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Momoshiki.


Boruto and Naruto mend fences

After the events of the arc, Naruto and Boruto seemed to developed a closer bond. Boruto is now famous after defeating Momoshiki, and his teammates admire him more. It is here that Boruto re-confirms that he doesn’t want to be Hokage, and will be the support system for Sarada. This is nothing new for this series so far, as Sarada aim to emulate Naruto and Boruto wants to follow in her father (Sasuke) footsteps.


The series has moved pasted the initial introduction and the chuunin exam that the Naruto series took more than 100 chapters to accomplish in 10 chapters. I’d imagine that the Boruto series will be shorter than Naruto, but not short. Regardless, I can’t wait for the next chapter April 3rd and the anime series.


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