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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 17 & 18

30 Day Anime Challenge


Favorite Supporting Male Anime Character (Alphonse Elric)

Alphonse is one of the protagonists from “Full Metal Alchemist”. He takes a back seat to his older brother, Edward.  Alphonse (or Al for short) lost his entire body while attempting to bring his mother back from the dead using alchemy. His brother loses his right arm so he could seal Al into a suit of armor. Edward and Al travel in search of a way to restore Al’s body. They search for the Philosopher’s Stone, “which would allow them to restore their physical forms”.


15bfd54fe59f0d5a654c41f458db7a92Alphonse is a powerful alchemist in his own right and is good at hand to hand combat. He cannot feel due to have no body, he is almost invincible. Alphonse sacrifices himself (his soul) in order to restore Edwards arm aiding him in defeating father.Edward  decides to sacrifice his ability to use alchemy in exchange for bringing Alphonse back with him in his original body.

30 Day Anime Challenge


Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character

(Asuka Langley Soryu)

Asuka Langley Soryu is the Second Child and the pilot of Unit 02. She is German and Japanese descent, but from America. Asuka has a rather abrasive, self absorbed, and often mean and abusive usually to Shinji.  She has a great confidence in her ability as an Eva pilot, and has managed to sync with Unit 02 better than average. She is severely insecure due to trauma from her childhood, and uses her attitude as a mask. In Rebuild of Evangelion series, her name is changed to Asuka Shikinami Langley.


Asuka shining moment for many fans is when she single handely battles armed forces and 9 mass produced EVA’s. Though she successfully in defeating them at first, Unit 02’s run’s out of power.  The Mass Produced Eva’s had infinite power (“which allow them to remain functional despite being severely damaged or mutilated”) finally allows them “to eviscerate and dismember Unit 02 using their Lance of Longinus replicas”.



Kill La Kill – Episode 12: Ryuko Matoi rages against her fathers killer

Kill La Kill – Spit Your Sadness Away

Kill La Kill Episode 12, “Spit Your Sadness Away,” marks a significant turn in the series. Ryuko Matoi has been searching for her fathers killer since the beginning of the series. She assume (and the audience) that Satsuki Kiryuin was the killer or at least knew who it was. At the end of the last episode, Nui revealed she was the murder. Ryuko was always going to lose her mind, but I didn’t predict any thing like this. Ryuko begins to attack Nui, who proceeds to tell her how she killed her father. I personally thought this was the best part of the episode. I assumed that Ryuko’s father (Isshin) was just a weak old man that got slaughtered without much resistance.

Ryuko transforms into a grotesque form.

Ryuko becomes blinded by rage

However, we learn that Isshin created the “Rending Scissors“, and he had some fighting ability. I was thoroughly impressed by Isshin fighting, even though it wasn’t enough. He attempts to use the rending scissors against Nui, but he only manages to slashed her left eye. Nui unsurprisingly get pissed after losing her eye, and brutally stabs Isshin to death. Ryuko’s blood begins to boil, resulting in Senketsu transforming into a grotesque form. Tsumugu tries to distract Nui to aid Aikuro as he try’s to use the “adhesive bullet” on Ryuko. Satsuki decides to step in and activates her Kamui. Ryuko and Satsuki engage in a brief but impressive battle. Mako makes her usual appearance at inappropriate moment’s. She literally slaps some sense into Ryuko, saving her life (even Satsuki acknowledges this).

After Ryuko recovers from battle, Satsuki reveals that “she was the one who ordered Nui to steal the sword scissors from Isshin”. She thanks Ryuko for helping her gain greater insight into Goku Uniforms, due to Ryuko’s battles with the Elite Four. She has determine to take control over the BIG three schools to the west. I like how the world of Kill La Kill has been expanded, with the introduction of the western schools. I wonder if they also have Goku uniforms, or considering the fact that Nui didn’t need one maybe the won’t either? Regardless, I’m excited about the possibilities. Are you?


Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) – Ilse’s Notebook OVA 1

Its the year 850, and the Survey Corps are heading for the 49th Exterior Scouting Mission. Hange Zoe wants to capture a Titan for research, but Commander Erwin Smith refuses to approve the mission. Hange runs into an abnormal Titan, which chases her. Suddenly, it stops and returns to the forest. Hange, Levi, and his squad follow. When the Titan reaches a tree it begins banging its head against it. Oruo attempts to kill it after Hange approaches it and it attacks. However, Hange yells at him to “wait.” Distracted, Oruo is almost eaten by the Titan. Levi, however rescues him by cutting off the Titan’s arm and then killing it. Petra discovers the corpse of a soldier, decapitated within a tree.

Hange Zoe apologizes to Oruo.
Hange Zoe apologizes to Oruo.

The tragic end for IIse Langnar

They find the soldiers notebook, and learn her name is Ilse Langnar. She recorded her experience during the Scout’s Regiment’s 34th Exterior Scouting Mission in her notebook. Her squad is killed and she left to travel without any ODM gear. Unfortunately, she encounters a Titan. The Titan doesn’t attack, instead it speaks to her. The Titan said “Ymir-sama, welcome back“, but after questioning it Ilse loses her composer after it fails to answer. The Titan then begins to tear its own skin off it’s face. Unsurprisingly, Ilse is disturbed and begins to flee. The Titan catches her and before she can finish writing bites off her head.

Hange uses the Notebook as proof for her request to capture and study Titans. Hange gets the approval she wanted from Erwin. She, along with Levi, Oruo, and Petra use her new capture method to successfully catch a Titan without any casualties. It’s would be a understatement to suggest that this is a game changer, talking Titans. While horrifying it’s also intriguing. Are only some Titans able to speak? Do they have to be abnormal? More intelligent Titan’s are going to bad for the Scout’s Regiment and the rest of humanity.

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Kill La Kill – Episode 11: Nui Harime appears

Kill La Kill Episode 11 – I’m Not Your Cute Woman

Kill La Kill – Episode 11, “I’m Not Your Cute Woman,” featured a great air then land battle, but resulted in the introduction of several new characters. It was reveal at the end that Nui Harime was the murderer of Ryuko’s father. Ryuko attempts to use her flight and attack Satsuki directly, but Nonon defends Satsuki. Ryuko destroys her airship with Nonon’s flute shaped missile. Nonon switches to her uniform’s second form, “Da Capo”. It utilizes music to interfere with Ryuko and Senketsu communication. After blasting Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Ryuko is incapacitated by the sonic energy.

Ryuko counters these sound waves, then reflects them back toward Nonon defeating her. Inumuta notes that Ryuko “used her Kamui to force Nonon’s sound waves to match her own.” Tsumugu arrives delivering a special bullet to Aikuro. Before Ryuko and Uzu are about to fight, a perky girl named Nui Harime appears. Uzu attacks her causing Satsuki to uncharacteristically yell at him to “fall back.” When assaulted by Uzu she blocks his attack and pulls apart Uzu’s uniform by snapping his Nexus fiber, the Life Fiber that gives it its form.

Ryuko asks Nui who she is and she reveals that she killed Ryuko’s father, she even has the other half of the scissor blade to prove it. Ryuko, unsurprisingly flies into a rage. This episode featuring the reveal of who was responsible for Ryuko father’s death, was sooner than expected. I thought they would milk it for a while longer, I’m glad they didn’t.


Kill La Kill – Episode 10: Ryuko battles Nonon Jakuzure in the air

I Want to Know More About You

Kill La Kill Episode 10, “I want to know more about you,” started of with a flashback of Hoka Inumuta and how he came to meet Satsuki. When he was younger, Inumuta hacked into the security system of the Revocs Corporation. He was captured. Satsuki saw potential in him and invited him to attend Honnouji Academy. During the flashback, we get a interesting view of Satsuki ideals. She seems to be under the impression that she can “change the world” with Honnouji Academy High School. Hoka is hyper analytical and his Goku uniform enhances this ability. His three star uniform, Probe Regalia analyzes Ryuko and her abilities.

Ryuko appears to have figured out rather quickly how to counter Hoka, fight erratically. Hoka, counters her counter by making himself invisible. Ryuko expands Senketsu such that Senketsu’s eye stretched the distance of the entire battle field. This prevented Hoka from evading Senketsu and his ability to gather information on Ryuko. Unable to win and unwilling to lose his data Hoka forfeits, he also avoids getting his Goku uniform destroyed by Ryuko. Her next opponent is Nonon Jakuzure.

Nonon 3 star uni

Nonon and Ryuko’s air battle

Nonon who like the previous fighters is given a flashback.  It’s revealed that she meet Satsuki when they were just a child. Nonon’s Three-Star Goku Uniform, Symphony Regalia is an aircraft “that attacks her with sound vibrations”. Nonon attempts to win by destroying the battle arena, knocking Ryuko out in the process. However, Ryuko transforms into Senketsu Gale, a flying evolution of Senketsu. Aikuro appears to be troubled by the quick evolution of Senketsu, he calls Tsumugu, telling him that he should “assume a worst-case scenario”. Meanwhile, Ryuko manages to trigger Nonon’s temper, as she declares that “the sky is her world.”