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Otaku Orbit is a blog composed by me, Jiraiyan. I have been a huge fan of anime, manga and video games since childhood. I hope that writing this blog will expose me to more and different types of anime and manga. I’m looking to create a community and dialogue about my favorite topics. The anime and manga I’ve been seen are listed below:

After Starting this Blog:


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  1. Brilliant list! Personally never got into sailor moon… Card captor was awesome, remember running back from school to catch it…. Can’t help but feel your missing one… “Shaman king”

    1. Shaman King was an anime that I heard about, but never watched. It came out along side Yugioh (which I was addicted to), and I just never got a chance to watch it.

    1. I need to catch up on the last few episodes. It might be too violent for some, even though there is in my opinion poorly done censorship. The last episode I reviewed did feature a interesting turn of events. I love the characters, story and the conflict. It’s difficult to remain solely on the side of the “good” ghouls as there is a lot of grey area presented. This series isn’t just about action but also about finding comrades among those that are “like” ourselves. Overall, I love this series.

  2. You watched a lot long running anime based on the list. I only watch short running anime because it is less daunting to me. But I will eventually get to one of those long running anime at some point. I just don’t know when.

      1. What am I interested in? I guess the big three? I tried Naruto but stopped at episode 14… then I skipped to episode 20 something but I still can’t seem to keep watching. The story progress is just so slow.

        I’m actually interested in Monster. That anime is pretty long right? Right? The longest anime I’ve watched is Kuroko No Basuke with 75 episodes excluding the OVA episodes.

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