About Jiraiyan

My name is Jerrell Robertson and I go by the name of Jiraiyan. That name is created from the name of the legendary sannin from Naruto, Jiraiya. I started this blog way back in 2013. After taking a business writing class in college I was inspired by a class project to begin this blog. I have been an anime fan since I was 9. Starting with classic anime like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Yugioh, I became hooked on anime.

My goal with this blog is to establish an anime community with my opinions, essays, and reviews. Hopefully we can share or thoughts and opinion in a fun and respectful manner.

In terms what content I would produce, I have mostly been focusing on reviewing anime and manga. I review what I like. However, many people can tell you what happened in a given episode. In order to make my blog more unique I need to do a better job of given my opinion. To this end I also will be writing more long form essay on various topics involving anime and manga. My first essay was Why are shonen anime characters so stupid?

In celebration of my 900th post (I have since deleted hundreds of posts) I created a list of my My Top Ten Anime of All Time check it out. So far my top ten posts are:

  1. One Piece: Did Big Mom eat everyone? – 28,936 Views
  2. One Piece Chapter 903: Is Luffy now the fifth emperor? – 8,781 Views
  3. Burn the Witch: Tite Kubo manga one shot review – 2,928
  4. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Sudden Visitors OVA 2 – 1,926 Views
  5. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – Ilse’s Notebook OVA 1 – 1,401 Views
  6. Kill La Kill – Episode 19: Recap and Review – 1,243 Views
  7. Anime Movie Review – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – 1,153 Views
  8. Banana Fish Episode 1 Review: A Perfect Day for Bananafish – 1,007 Views
  9. My Top 100 Favorite Anime and Manga Battles (90 – 85) – 940 Views
  10. Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 10 Reviews – 929 Views

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My Anime and Manga lists

NameTypePublisher/CreatorYear ReleasedDemographicGenre
BleachManga/AnimeTV Tokyo2004ShonenAdventure
Case ClosedAnimeFunimation1996ShonenMystery
Cardcaptors SakuraAnimeClamp1998ShojoMagical Girl
Cowboy BebopAnimeSunrise1998ShonenNeo-Noir
Death NoteAnimeMadhouse2006ShonenMystery
Dragon BallAnimeAkira Toriyama1984ShonenAdventure
Dragon Ball zAnimeAkira Toriyama1989ShonenAdventure
Dragon Ball GTAnimeAkira Toriyama1996ShonenAdventure
Eureka SevenAnimeBones2005ShonenMecha
Fairy TailManga/AnimeKodansha2011ShonenAdventure
Full Metal AlchemistAnimeBones2003ShonenAdventure
Gurren LagannAnimeGainax2007ShonenMecha
Lupin the ThirdAnimeMonkey Punch1971SeinenAction
Mobile Suit Gundam WingAnimeSunrise1995ShonenMecha
Monster RancherAnimeTecmo1997ShonenFantasy
Naruto: ShippudenManga/AnimePierrot2007ShonenAdventure
Neon Genesis EvangelionAnimeTV Tokyo1995ShonenMecha
One PieceManga/AnimeShueisha1997ShonenAdventure
Outlaw StarsAnimeTV Tokyo1998SeinenSpace Opera
Pokemon ( All Seasons)AnimeOLM1997ShonenAdventure
Prince of TennisAnimeProduction I.G.1999ShonenSports
Read or Die: OVAAnimeStudio Deen2001SeinenAction
Rurouni KenshinAnimeShueisha1996ShonenAdventure
Sailor MoonAnimeToei Animation1992ShojoMagical Girl
Samurai Pizza CatsAnimeTV Tokyo1990ShonenAction
Samurai ChamplooAnimeManglobe2004ShonenAdventure
Soul EaterManga/AnimeBones2008ShonenAdventure
Tenchi MuyoAnimeTV Tokyo1995ShonenHarem
TeknomanAnimeTV Tokyo1992ShonenAdventure
TrigunAnimeMadhouse1995ShonenSpace Western
YugiohAnimeViz Media1996ShonenAdventure
Yu Yu HakushoAnimeViz Media1992ShonenMartial Arts
ZoidsAnimeCartoon Network1999ShonenMecha
After Starting the Blog:
Attack on TitanAnimeKodansha2009ShonenAction
BorutoManga/AnimeViz Media2016ShonenAdventure
Joker GameAnimeProduction I.G.2008SeinenMystery
Kill la KillAnimeKadokawa2014ShonenMagical Girl
My Hero AcademiaManga/AnimeViz Media2014ShonenAdventure
Space DandyAnimeBones2014ShonenSpace Opera
Tokyo GhoulAnimeShueisha2011SeinenDark Fantasy
Sailor Moon CrystalAnimeToei2015ShojoMagical Girl
Dragon Ball SuperAnimeViz Media2015ShonenAdventure
Yuri on IceAnimeMAPPA2016ShonenSports
Devilman CrybabyAnimeScience Saru2018ShonenDark Fantasy
Cardcaptor Sakura Clear CardAnimeClamp2017ShojoMagical Girl
Made in AbyssAnimeMadman2017ShonenAdventure
Darling in the FranxxAnimeCloverWorks/Studio Trigger2018ShonenMecha
The Promised NeverlandAnimeViz Media2016ShonenDark Fantasy
Mob Psycho 100AnimeBones2012ShonenAction
One Punch ManAnimeMadhouse2012SeinenAction
Hunter X HunterAnimePierrot1999ShonenAdventure
Eden ZeroMangaKodansha2018ShonenSpace Opera
Seven Deadly SinsManga/AnimeKodansha2014ShonenAdventure
Goblin SlayerAnimeSquare Enix2016SeinenDark Fantasy
FLCL ProgressiveAnimeGainax2018ShonenAction
Little Witch AcademiaAnimeTrigger2013SeinenMagical Girl
No Guns LifeManga/AnimeMadhouse2016ShonenSci-fi
Fate Grand Order Zettai MajuuAnimeCloverWorks2019ShonenSci-fi
Fire ForceManga/AnimeKodansha2015ShonenAdventure
Vinland SagaAnimeWit Studio2005SeinenAdventure
Bungou Stray Dogs (Season 1)AnimeBones2012SeinenAction
Dr. StoneAnimeCrunchyroll2019ShonenAdventure
Blade of the ImmortalAnimeKodansha2019SeinenDark Fantasy
Witch Hat AtelierMangaKodansha2017ShonenMagical Girl