30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 8 – Best Video Game Soundtrack

My instinct was to suggest that I don’t really care about video game soundtracks, but that wouldn’t be true. The soundtrack in the game of course is in the background. You might not notice because you so focused on playing but good ones are hard to ignore. Some video games create soundtracks that are just hit songs from any era, think Grand Theft Auto. Finally, a single song obviously doesn’t count.

For me, the game that had the best soundtrack is Jet Grind Radio. The game was the first to use the now common “cel-shaded” visuals. Published by Sega on the Dreamcast in 2000, you controlled a member of a gang rollerblading and spraying graffiti. Your goal is to defeat the CEO of Rokkaku, Goji Rokkaku who plans to conquer the world with The Devil’s Contract ” a vinyl record which reportedly has the power to summon demons.” Anyway, the includes original and licensed songs.

The songs are varied in genre, from J-pop, hip hop, funk and trip hop. The series exposed me too different types of music I would normal not listen to. At this point in my life I NEVER listened to music from other countries, the soundtrack is well put together. Every entry feels like it belongs and they’re upbeat and catchy too. Unfortunately, Sega feels the need to continue to make Sonic games and haven’t made a sequel to this game. Until they come to their sense, I could still listen to the great soundtrack.

Jet Set Radio SEGA Original Tracks

9 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 8 – Best Video Game Soundtrack

      1. Nice! I agree Shenmue was innovative. Power Stone is seriously one of the most underrated fight game series out there. The 2nd one’s multiplayer was 4 player craziness that only Smash Bros can dream of with the changing stages and items. It’s a shame there hasn’t been a Power Stone character who’s been represented in Capcom’s Vs. series.

  1. I’ve always felt like a good soundtrack really adds a lot to a game, and that’s definitely true of Jet Set Radio. I also hate that SEGA is sitting on these great properties like this and Skies of Arcadia and not doing anything with them. To be fair, Sonic Mania was really good, but otherwise, eh.

    1. I think they make a lot of money with slot machines in Japan so they don’t bother. Hopefully, they will get wise and start publishing their good ip’s.

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