30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 10 – Best Video Game Gameplay

I’m not entirely certain what is meant by “gameplay.” Genre? According to Wikipedia, gameplay, ” is a term used to define the way players interact with a certain video or computer game.” It’s still not clear. Does that mean the literal controls? The console? All of the above? Regardless, I’m going to choose the genre. Based on my gaming library the best gameplay is Third Person Shooters.

TPS is defined as ” a genre of 3D action games in which the player character is visible on-screen, and the gameplay consists primarily of shooting.” This genre features games like Fornite, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Metal Gear Solid. The third-person perspective is just superior to mine. To be honest, I use to hate first-person shooters. Being able to see your avatar in the environment, is simpler and more enjoyable.

I found that my depth perception was off when playing FPS. Much of this has been fixed with better game designing. TPS allow game developers to easier include, shooting, with platforming, puzzle solving and driving. You get the most balanced games that actually include some gameplay from other genre’s.

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  1. Yeah for shooters I definitely love third person. It’s cool to see the environment around you as you start taking names. Fighters is definitely my favorite genre though

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