30 Day Video Game Challenge (Day 1)


Very First Video Game


 Super Mario World

Developer: Nintendo EAD

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: November 21, 1990

Console(s): SNES, GBA, Virtual Console

Last week I finally completed the “30 Day Anime Challenge”, so I thought I’d start another challenge. The “30 Day Video Game Challenge”, similar to the anime challenge, this challenge features 30 “challenges/questions” based on experiences with video-games.

When I was five my mother got me and my brother a SNES and at the time it included a copy of “Super Mario World”. Super Mario World is the fifth title in the acclaimed Mario Bros. series. Me and my brother played this game over and over. We had a ignorant concept of what “winning” was, so a few stages complete was all that was need to satisfy us.

We also had no idea that e could save our progress, so we always started from the beginning. However, this really wasn’t a problem, because at the time we though it was suppose to be that way. As a result I never actually beat the game, or the next few dozen games I got after. Like I said my concept of winning was different back then. Beating a game wasn’t necessary, just playing until you ran out of lives. Like most Nintendo games it was a lot of fun regardless.



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    1. The 30 Day Video Challenge is a list of 30 questions about your experience with video games like your first video game. You could find the list online. I would be happy to email it to you if you prefer.

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