30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #7: Your Favorite Creature


Universe: Multiverse

Base of Operation: his own dimension

Creators: Robert E. Howard, Gardner Fox

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #7 (July, 1973)

I became a fan of Shuma-Gorath while playing Marvel vs Capcom. Shuma-Gorath is an Old One (ancient eldritch beings that predated Earth). Shuma-Gorath is a ruler of hundreds of dimensions. Shuma-Gorath came to earth to rule over a million years ago. He was banished by the sorcerer Sise-Neg. Shuma-Gorath came into conflict in Dr. Strange when he took control over the mind of Dr. Strange’s master the Ancient One. Strange was unable to stop Shuma-Gorath and had to kill his master.

Shuma-Gorath is a powerful ancient demon with supernatural powers. He is one of the “primal power of Chaos.” It’s unclear whether he can be killed or not. He can control and communicate with beings across dimensional barriers. Shuma-Gorath can affect transmutations on a planetary scale. He has skin that’s rubber like while being armored. Shuma-Gorath exists on many planes and cannot be seen by humans. He is so powerful that he can “destroy multiple galaxies solely through his aura-pressure.” Shuma-Gorath is just an awesome, powerful creature in the Marvel universe, he also looks cool too.

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