30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #30: Your Favorite Event

Civil War

Civil War was an Marvel event that began after a battle between Nitro and the New Warriors results in the death of 60 school children. In response the U.S. government tries to institute the “Superhuman Registration Act.” With this tragedy and the events that saw the Hulk go on another rampage (killing 26 adults and 2 children) the Act became necessary. Sympathy for mutants fell in public after M-Day, when 90% of the mutant population became depowered. The public support for the bill was 50%.

Tony Stark was against the act until the events between Nitro and the New Warriors. The public began to hate the superhero community. The New Warriors were called “baby killers,” and Hindsight (Carlton LaFroyge (Earth-616)) began leaking their secret identities, resulting in many of them being lynched. Human Torch was beaten into a coma outside a Manhattan nightclub. Many of the superheroes are apprehensive that they should become “civil servants,” or “Super cops.”

Captain America disagreed with the act claiming that ” heroes needed to be above direct government control, because when politicians could control the heroes, they could decide who the villains were.” What follows is a very interesting conflict that splits the superhero community. Ultimately we get what the event promised, a fight between the worlds greatest heroes. While it’s never in question whether any major would die, there was still concern about who would get harmed. The most important aspect of this event was whether you agreed with one side or the other. I was more on the Captain America’s side but I could see the other side as well.

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  1. Captain America’s first real mistake, I think, was when he refused to listen to Iron Man, and even betrayed the trust that Iron Man still held in him. That one mistake was equal to all the numerous mistakes that the other side had made up to that point. That was when he lost the moral high ground, when he compromised his integrity instead of his stance, and the Civil War truly became a war. Until that point, I could find no fault in his side of things. He did the wrong thing in the name of the right thing, exactly like Iron Man’s side. That was when he stopped being the champion of the people. Neither side was either entirely right or entirely wrong after that. He forgot the lesson of the Founding Fathers: sometimes one must actually bend a bit and find a reasonable compromise.

    1. That’s a very well articulated point. I do agree that Captain America lost his way and the war probably could been avoid if he didn’t.

  2. S.H.E.I.L.D. agents pointed guns at Captain America for only saying that he personally wouldn’t help enforce the act (which wasn’t even law at the time), so I his concerns weren’t merely justified, but literally confirmed at the very beginning.

    1. S.H.I.E.L.D was too aggressive and they were preparing to fight. Backing Cap. into a corner meant he felt that he had no choice but to fight.

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