30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #2: your favorite villain

Apocalypse ( En Sabah Nur )

My overall favorite comic book villain is the Joker. However, this is about Marvel so my favorite is Apocalypse. Like I mentioned in my previous post, most of my knowledge of Marvel comes from television cartoons. Regardless, Apocalypse was always my favorite. He is basically a mutant supremacist. He’s also quite arrogant, seeing himself as the most powerful mutant. Apocalypse also sees humans as “unworthy” of existing.

He has good reason to see himself so highly however. Apocalypse is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe. He has numerous powers such as healing, immortality, super-strength, speed, durability, teleportation, telekinesis, flight and self-molecular manipulation (control over the molecular structure of his own body). Another thing I love about Apocalypse is how quotable he is. He talks in the language of an ancient being. He is both super serious, while being belittling to all he finds inferior. For some reason this, coupled with his tone made him funny.

I’ll remake this world in my image — just as I’ll remake you! As you sought to make me bow to you — you shall be my slave — for all the days of your life!


Who?! Who dares disturb my slumber?! Who dares disturb — APOCALYPSE?! 


7 responses to “30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #2: your favorite villain”

  1. Good choice. I remember him from the Chris Claremont days in the 80s. Not that I was alive then. I read the books later.

    1. LOL. It was between him and Magneto. However, Magneto fluctuates between anti-hero and villain often.

      1. You should check out my 30 day challenge, man. I’m all caught up with you now.

      2. I will.

  2. Great choice! And like you say Magneto sways back and forth, which is what makes him such a great character, but Apocalypse is just pure evil and he embraces it.

    If you get a chance to check out the Age of Apocalypse take over, Apocalypse rules North America and Magneto leads the X-men in Xavier’s absence. It’s a very cool series.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out.

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