30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #19: Your Least Favorite Comic to Screen Character Adaptation

As I’ve stated before, I’m a fan of Fantastic Four. So you probably wouldn’t be surprise that my least favorite adaptation is the FF movies. The first Fantastic Four movie that I saw was the 2005 movie and the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. There was a third film, Fantastic Four reboot from 2015. They were all terrible. I didn’t even bother to see the third one, but it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t good. According to reviews I was correct to avoid it.

If I had to pick a character in these movies that was the worst it has to be Ben Grim. Played by Michael Chiklis and then Jamie Bell, the suits for the Thing was terrible. To be fair it was always going to be difficult to render The Thing well. The Thing looks ridiculous and is clearly a costume. For some reason they would rather use costumes instead of CGI. The Hulk has been CGI for a while (to various degree of success). The Thing is suppose to be made out of rock but since it’s a costume it look soft. It was all terrible. Hopefully, now that FF is directly under Marvel’s control they’ll get it right.

8 responses to “30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #19: Your Least Favorite Comic to Screen Character Adaptation”

  1. Oh my god, I repressed the memory of those films.

    1. Good. LOL.

  2. Deadpool from the original Wolverine Origins for me. thing’s definitely had a real bad shake in those FF films tho

    1. I completely forgot that Deadpool was in Origins. I think the recent Deadpool movies made up for it though. Hopefully, Marvel would do the same for FF.

    2. It was so bad they had the real Deadpool go back and kill him. Which was hilarious

      1. That was super clever for sure. One of the best scenes

      2. Then Ryan Reynolds got to undo the worst mistake of his career: Green Lantern.

    3. I repressed the memory of that as well.

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