30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #1: your favorite character

Since watching Endgame I have decided to get back into comics. While I have always liked comics, I stopped being a comic book reader in childhood. I also tended to prefer manga to comics because of the art and story consistency. So I will be adding comic reviews to this blog when I find a series I like. In the meantime I will be doing the 30 Day Marvel Challenge I found on Pinterest. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men: The Trial of Jean Grey, Art by Stuart Immonen

Jean Grey/Phoenix

When I was a kid Wolverine was my favorite character. However, when the Phoenix saga happened it all changed. Personally, I always found the relationship between Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey to be annoying and corny. For that reason and the fact that Jean seemed to always have difficulty contributing to a fight (she was weak). This was in the animated X-Men series from the 90’s. Anyway, I didn’t like her. When the Phoenix saga occurred all this changed. Jean went from a telepath/telekinetic that could barely lift a person to a host of the Phoenix force.

Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men: The Trial of Jean Grey, Art by Stuart Immonen

It should be noted that this is how she is presented in the animated tv show. In the comics Jean Grey is originally an Omega Level mutant. Generally, an Omega-level is an mutant with ” the most powerful genetic potential.” She is considered one of the most powerful psychics in X-Men. Regardless, when she merged with the Phoenix force all of her powers were amplified and she was able to travel through space. Also, the way the Phoenix Force manifest itself is really cool. Also she’s better off without Cyclops.

Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men: The Trial of Jean Grey, Art by Stuart Immonen

12 thoughts on “30 Day Marvel Challenge – Day #1: your favorite character

    1. I generally liked reading wiki pages of Marvel/DC characters. However, so much happens in comics that it can be overwhelming. Whereas, in manga it’s one story I could follow from start to finish.

    1. I found one on Pinterest, but there’s other that are slightly different on google. I’m doing the first on that comes up when you search “30 day marvel challenge”. You should do it.

  1. Awesome challenge. Looking forward to following this. I agree with what you said about there being too many arcs and if you don’t keep up its easy to get lost. The Age of Apocalypse arc is my favourite where it took over all the main comics for four weeks, running them in an alternate reality. Character-wise, it’s hard to look beyond Wolverine, but there are so many great characters it’s hard to pick just one.

    1. There are some many characters and so many versions of each character. I can be fun to see what a new writer does with a character. However, the lack of consistency can be daunting.

      1. Yeah, I really enjoyed the Ultimate universe as it started from the beginning and did some really cool things with a bunch of characters, also introduced the Marvel Zombies timeline. But it can be tough when a new writer takes a familiar character in a new direction. At least the multiverse means they can jut do it in a different universe.

  2. Historically, it’s Spider-Man. He’s the character I grew up with and identified with the most as a socially awkward loser. I still love Spider-Man.
    In terms of the MCU universe, I love Captain America. Watching and writing about the First Avengers again recently just reaffirmed that for me.

    1. I really related to Spider Man as a child (he was from Queens, NY too) and he’s definitely in my top five. In the MCU, I think I like Thor the most.

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