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30 Day DC Challenge -Day 6: Favorite Green Lantern

John Steward

I’ll admit that I haven’t always had the highest respect for the Green Lantern Corps. Particularly, their weakness to yellow. I spent a lot of my childhood superhero conversations, making jokes about Green Lanterns being defeated by yellow crayons or pee. Juvenile jokes aside, a weakness to the color yellow is ridiculous and deserves to be mocked. Regardless, this is about which Green Lantern is my favorite. They one thing that I like about the Green Lantern Corps is that they don’t discriminate. I mean they REALLY don’t discriminate.

They are willing to recruit just about anyone. Gender, race or species doesn’t matter. There’s, B’DG (pronounced Badge), a squirrel-like being and Mogo, the sentient planet. There are probably too many Green Lantern to really care too much about many of them. The Guardians were surprisingly terrible for “good guys.” Positioning themselves as Guardians of the Universe they have no one to answer to. They decided that they should destroy all magic and magical beings, left Darkseid alone because he’s too strong, and exiled Hal Jordan for protecting the Earth “too much.”

He’s kinda cute though

Anyway, there have been a few human Green Lanterns that I’ve liked. I’m torn between John Stewart and Kyle Rayner. I liked Rayner because he was funny and he was an artist that was more creative with the ring. John Stewart was one of the first black superheroes, that also didn’t have “black” in his name. The third human Lantern, he was introduced in 1971. Unlike Kyle, John was featured in the DC animated series. He was a bit uptight but had a since of humor. I liked his romantic relationships with Hawkgirl and later Vixen. He would become the first human Guardian of the Universe. When the Guardians were absent he became the leader of the Green Lantern Corps.


  1. And this is where I have to draw a blank. I simply know too little about the Green Lantern corps to answer this one lol 🙈😅
    Still enjoyed reading this post though!

    1. Thanks. The animated movie I saw featuring the Green Lanterns was good, but they don’t seem to rank highly in the DC Universe in term of interest I guess.

  2. Have to go with the Justice League cartoon’s John Stewart. He’s my first. I did think the Batman Beyond Green Lantern was interesting (a child monk as a GL, that’s a story I want to see) but we didn’t learn much about him.

  3. Definitely a lot of really solid Lanterns for sure. I’d say that Kyle, Hal, and John definitely stand out above their peers though and if I had to choose one I’d go with Hal. All 3 are superstars for sure

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