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30 Day DC Challenge – Day 27: Favorite DC Comic Book series

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come was written by Alex Ross and Mark Waid. The series is part of DC comics Elsewords imprint. Featuring the photorealistics art style of Alex Ross, the series focused on a complex story of a future DC universe. Ross created new costumes for most of the characters, he also added several new characters. Set in the year 2020, the Justice League we come to know have mostly retired. They are succeeded by a new more radical generation, that lacks the concern of civilians. They often clash with each other. After a nuclear explosion in Kansas, resulting from Parasite tearing apart Captain Atom, Superman finally comes out of retirement.

Other heroes continued to fight crime, The Flash still patrols around Keystone City, Hawkman protects the forests of the Pacific Northwest, Green Lantern watches Earth from an emerald city in space, Batman (now elderly) uses robots to patrol Gotham. However, other heroes like Aquaman, the Amazons and the Legion of Super-Heroes abandon the world. The four issues results in Superman creating a “reformation center” for superheros called the “Gulag.” It becomes a re-education camp, trying to teach the prisoners how to use their powers.

Lex Luthor and Batman join forces (it doesn’t last long) to create the Mankind Liberation Front. Superman and Captain Marvel fight, a bomb is dropped on the combatants. Captain Marvel sacrifices himself, but the bomb still manages to kill many of the super-humans. Superman and Wonder Woman become pregnant and Batman becomes the godfather. The series Kingdom Come is an epic story with amazing art. It’s one of the few series that gives Superman complexity. I highly recommend this series.


  1. Interesting pick. I did read this years ago. The art was fantastic and the premise was fascinating, but I felt it was an overt potshot against the 90s antihero trend. While it certainly was getting out of hand in the comics, I do think they went overboard like how they make all the rogue superheroes instantly bad even though anyone in their position would’ve done the same thing to stop the bad guys. Also, would anyone be surprised if someone were acquitted of murder charges for killing the Joker like Magog?

    1. I gotta admit that I was on the side of new heroes. The old ones since of honor left monsters like the Joker alive to kill more people. I do think that the writers were making a pointed critique of the “antiheroes.”

      1. That’s an apt interpretation. While some villains can be rehabilitated, there was no way the Joker was going to stop doing what he was doing. If they wanted to give Magog a snarkier edge, they could’ve had him say to Superman this: “Hey, Supes. I just killed the monster who killed your girlfriend. What have YOU done lately?”

      2. It would be in character and makes too much sense given what happened in Kingdom Come. I did like how that scene was framed with how Magog straight up bodies Joker in broad daylight in front of thousands of witnesses while the crown prince of crime legit looked surprised being killed.

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