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30 Day DC Challenge -Day 2: Who is your Favorite Female Hero

Wonder Woman (Diana)

Universe: Prime Earth

Creators: William Moulton Marston · Harry G. Peter

First App: Flashpoint Vol 2 #5 (October, 2011)


Like Batman, Wonder Woman is a typical choice. However, I like who I like right. A founding member of the Justice League, she first appeared in All Star Comics #8. Since 1941, a Wonder Woman title has been published except for 1986. Diana is the Princess of Themyscira. She was father less, given life by Zeus. To blend into society she adapts the name Diana Prince. Like most comic book characters, Wonder Woman’s story has changed numerous times.

Powers and Abilities

Diana is a masterful athlete, acrobats, fighting and strategy. She has been trained in several ancient forms of armed and unarmed combat. Of course being blessed by the Gods means that Diana is incredibly powerful. She has superhuman strength, superhuman speed, invulnerability, immortality, flight, healing factor, divine wisdom (basically the ability to learn quickly), agility, and stamina. most of her powers are generic for the most powerful DC characters. I think almost ALL DC characters can fly somehow. However, it is rare for a female superhero to possess this much power, which makes Wonder Woman unique.

Art by Alex Ross

Weapons and Equipment

Like Batman, Wonder Woman has many iconic weapons and equipment. Her lasso of truth is the most famous. The lasso forces people to tell the truth, it can “restore people’s lost memories get rid of illusions or cause illusions to those it holds and heal the holder’s body cure insanity and protect people who are in close proximity to it from magical attacks.” Occasionally, the lasso’s powers don’t seem to be taken seriously or it’s not that effective. She also has her “bracelets of victory,” that like the lasso are indestructible and can be used to deflect, “projectiles, blades, punches, or even Darkseid’s Omega Beams).

In animated series, Diana is often presented as stern. However, she can have moments of humor and is always ready for a fight. Wonder Woman is probably more popular today than she was a few years ago, due to the movies. She is often ranked high among the greatest comic book superheroes of all time. Wonder Woman is by far my favorite female hero.


  1. Well…two for two so far, as again, she would also be my choice! Wonderful character, a strong and powerful woman. She is simply amazing! 😊😊

  2. I’m with Huntress on this one. Her character isn’t used a whole lot which I’m always sad about, but I like her fighting spirit. It’s definitely a trait she shares with Wonder Woman as they’re always ready for a brawl

    1. The Huntress and Black Canary are some of my favorites. I really like the episode in Justice League where all the female superheros fought in a cage match. Women Woman beat several of them alone.

      1. Agreed, that was an awesome episode! It also showed how Wonder Woman is a lot more than just her speed and strength, she was able to counter the martial art skills pretty well also and is just excellent at fighting tactically

      2. I also like the fighting and friendship between Black Canary and the Huntress. Justice League Ultimate really focused on lesser known superheroes.

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