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30 Day DC Challenge – Day 15: Which character would you Love to see get Their Own Movie or Show

The Question

Like most of the non-mainstream DC superheroes, I was exposed to The Question in the Justice League Unlimited series. He was created by Steve Ditko and first appeared in 1985. He was later revamped by Dennis O’Neil and Denys Cowan in 1987. He was once again changed by Sean Ryan and Jeremy Roberts. In the Justice League, he first makes an appearance in the episode “Fearful Symmetry.” In that episode, the Question, along with Supergirl and Green Arrow, investigates the odd dreams of Supergirl. The Question doesn’t have any superhuman powers, but he’s highly intelligent.

He wore a Pseudoderm mask, that was bonded to his skin and could change the color of his hair and clothing. He’s characterized in Justice League as a self aware, conspiracy theorist with a sense of humor. In the episode, “Question Authority,” he shows that he’s willing to kill Lex Luther in order to protect Superman’s legacy. In the same episode, he’s proves highly resistant to torture. He’s the inspiration for the more famous Rorschach from the Watchmen series. The Question is an odd character but one that I think worthy of his own series.

Source: Comicvine


  1. Yes! He’d be my first choice for someone to get their own movie, too! The Question is certainly more realistic than Batman ever was. My other choices would be Black Orchid and Mr. Terrific.

  2. Interesting. I have never heard of this character, but I like what you are describing here. He sounds really cool. As for my favorite one…honestly? No clue. Most of the DC characters I like already have a movie/series, so my mind draws a blank😊

    1. DC doesn’t do a great job promoting their more obscure characters, although they make a lot of money with the mainstream characters.

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