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30 Day DC Challenge -Day 13: Favorite Animated DC Movie

All Star Superman

I’ve stated that I find Superman to be a dull hero. Early seasons of Smallville focused on when Superman was a teen which I think was when he was (in my opinion) the most interesting. Regardless, some writers have manage to tell interesting Superman stories. Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman is one such story. I didn’t read the comic, but did watch the animated version. Generally, I watch animated DC movies out of habit. Some are good other aren’t. I didn’t have too much expectation from this movie, but I enjoy it. Released in 2011, All-Star Superman follows Superman after he becomes even more powerful after an encounter with the sun. However, he starts dying due to radiation poisoning. This is suppose to be the final adventure before Superman dies.

Superman engages in a series of challenges similar to the 12 Labors of Hercules. He reveals his secret identity to Lois Lane. At the Fortress of Solitude, a series of robots concoct a serum that give Lois superpowers for a day. He arm wrestles Atlas and Samson, saves Lois from the Ultra-Sphinx. The animated version isn’t exactly like it’s source material, but it’s a pretty good adaptation. When choosing what to adapt, it’s important to choose carefully. What do you put in, what do you leave out and will you change anything. All Star Superman makes many good choices. One of the most memorable parts of the movie was a scene where Superman as Clark Kent, has to save Lex Luther from the Parasite while maintaining his identity.

Despite the fact that I generally find Superman stories uninteresting, this was one time in which I was proving wrong. While accepting his death, Superman became more human. All Star Superman undermined my expectations. It was funny, clever, and generally entertaining. If Superman stories were more often like this one, I think I would like him more. Finally, the animation was well done, it’s not terrible detailed but that’s fine. If you haven’t seen All Star Superman, I highly recommend it.


  1. Huh. I had the opposite experience with All-Star Superman. I found it fairly lackluster, and Superman didn’t seem more humanized at all to me. But then, that ending… that was beautiful.

    My favorite would be a tie between Superman: Doomsday and Batman: Under the Red Hood.

    1. Really. Maybe my expectations for a Superman story was too low. LOL. For me what humanized him was his impending death. Superman is considered a nearly invincible being, so to see him accepting an end that all human face felt endearing.

  2. I thought I’d seen all the DCAU movies but this one seems to have escacped me! Going to have to hunt it down tonight. (although i am more of a fan of the Batman DCAU movies….)

  3. I definitely enjoyed this one quite a bit. It’s one of the only animated comic book movies I got to see in theaters so I never quite forgot that. My favorite DC animated flick would be Crisis on Two Earths though. It felt like the closest we’ll get to a return of the Justice Lords

  4. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. My favorite hands down. Great plot, it kept you guessing and it made for a great conclusion to the Batman The Animated Series show. I could watch that movie all day.

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