The Problems I have with Boruto

From Boruto Chapter 31

I have to admit I’m not sure I even like Boruto. The manga series is certainly better than the anime, but I find that neither comes close to the Naruto series, even if Masashi Kishimoto is the editor of the manga. The monthly schedule doesn’t help, but I do like the art style. One of the main problems is the feeling of growth. What I mean by that is all the characters seem to have S Rank abilities already. I makes the series feel rushed.

Take the BIG three of the series. Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki. Heirs of the vaunted, Legendary Three Ninja, Jiraiya, Oorochimaru and Tsunade and Team 7, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Uzumaki Naruto. While it true that the 3 Sannin and Team 7 were exceptional, the most recent generation seem even better.

Unlike his father, Boruto is the child of two powerful bloodlines, Hyuga and Uzumaki. He’s also a prodigy. Sarada is an elite genin, having inherited the Sharingan and her mothers chakra control and strength. Then there’s Mitsuki, the “son” of Oorochimaru. He was created by Oorochimaru to be genetically perfect and has the “potentially more powerful than the Sannin himself.”

Boruto has a unique Dojutsu that grants him similar abilities to the Byakugan. He also mastered the Rasengan with wind nature transformation added to it before finishing the ninja academy. It took his father a great deal of training and effort to do the same. Sarada learned how to use collect chakra into her fist, giving her tremendous strength comparable to her mother or Tsunade. She has had no training in this regard. Did she just guess how to do it? Mitsuki has Senjutsu, something that Jiraiya failed to master and took (okay a few weeks) for Naruto to.

Maybe, they have to give this generation a boost since they are competing with ninja tech now. Which basically makes my previous complaint moot, since you can buy ninja abilities. The ninja tech undermines ninjas period. Normal people can use jutsu now. I don’t feel that anything jutsu has been earned in this series. Sure you should expect the main characters to be the best, but it feels unmerited.

So what do you think. I am off base here? Do you agree? Have you ever read or watched Boruto? What am I missing ?


10 thoughts on “The Problems I have with Boruto

  1. I’ll be true, I dropped watching Boruto after 20 episodes because I didn’t get that feeling that I used to get while watching Naruto series after all now they can buy ninja scrool which I don’t like it. It’s like there is no more hard work needed in training, while in naruto series they tried and worked hard and everyone had an important role with there unique technique but now it’s just sci-fi to me.
    I don’t like this series…

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  2. I haven’t seen the anime yet because it seemed a little too slow paced at first and I heard it re-adapts the movies which doesn’t sound as fun as watching the theatrical version. For the manga, I definitely agree that the kids are being leveled up at a really fast pace. I’m fine with it for now, but it will become an issue if Naruto ends up losing soon. There’s no way he’ll lose this fight I’d say, but if coming up he loses to one of the higher ranking members and then Team Boruto has to beat him…I won’t really be able to buy it. Honestly, Naruto better win this fight next chapter or I feel like he’ll be nerfed in favor of the new cast.

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    1. I think the series would have been better if it started several generations in the future. The ninja tech would make more sense and the characters wouldn’t have needed to be so directly connected to Naruto’s generation.


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