The five games I’m anticipating in 2019

Resident Evil 2 remake trailer

Resident Evil 2(PS4, XBOX ONE, PC – January 25)

I only started playing the Resident Evil series starting with Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the Dreamcast. I played RE0 and RE1 when they were remade for the GameCube, then RE4, RE5, RE6 and RE7:Biohazard. Basically the only main Resident Evil I didn’t play was RE2, which I’ve been told was one of, if not the best. This year will see the release of the remake of Resident Evil 2. It was remade from the ground up and will forgo the old camera angle, for the one made popular in RE4. However, it will keep the older focus on survival over action. While I enjoyed the more modern Resident Evil series, the since of urgency was gone with the new gameplay. RE2 promises to combine the best of both worlds.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Official Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4, XBOX ONE – January 29)

It has been over a decade since the Kingdom Hearts 2 and it’s finally arriving. The Disney and Square Enix’s collaboration RPG returns with Toy Story, Tangled, Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean will be featured. It should be noted that the Kingdom Heart series has had at least 10 games in-between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3. However, I only really care about the main series. KH3 will be the final chapter of the “Dark Seeker saga.” Sora returns with Goofy, King Mickey, Donald Duck, Riku. I found this series not to be just fun, but the inclusion of Disney characters triggers nostalgia overload. That combination makes KH3 one of the game to watch out for.

DMC5 gameplay

Devil May Cry 5 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC – March 8)

Ten years after DMC4 was released, the series returns with new characters and old. Taking on demonic enemies with giant swords, firearms and demonic transformations Devil May Cry 5 promises an action packed gaming experience. However, each character will have his own unique fighting style, promising a dynamic experience. To be honest I didn’t originally like the series but it grew one me. Assuming that it keeps most of it’s game elements, I can’t wait to try for S ranks in the future.

The Division 2 gameplay

The Division 2 (PS4, PC, XBOX ONE- March 15)

The Division is a third person online combat open world game crated by Ubisoft. The first one looked interesting, but not enough to purchase. The game will take place in Washington D.C. seven months after the original. A civil war has broken out and players will have to team up to complete missions. Your on the side of the survivors taken on a bands of marauders. The game is getting DLC’s every three months, building on the story and environments.

Shenmue 3 teaser trailer

Shenmue 3 (PS4, PC – August 27)

Shenmue 1 was a revolutionary series that change the video games series. It pioneered the large environments, options, detail and quick time events with an enthralling story. The first two series are often included in lists of the greatest games of all time. After a well funded Kick-starter campaign ($6.3 million) the final game comes after 18 years. I’ve been waiting for this game for years and I hope it meets my expectations.


11 thoughts on “The five games I’m anticipating in 2019

      1. I feel you guys! Resident Evil 2 is also one of the games that I am excited for this 2019. Actually, it’s already been out last January 25. In fact, Capcom’s survival horror game dethroned the New Super Mario Bros U as the no.1 game in UK and along with Kingdom Hearts 3, it helped the PS4 reclaim its seat as the console king in Japan.

        By the way, solid list you got there Master Jiraiyan!

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  1. We have similar tastes! 😛 2 out of the 5 you picked are also in my most anticipating games for 2019 – Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3. Though I would say that the other 3 are Final Fantasy 7 remake (hopefully it will come out this year), Medieval Remaster… Ok, I only have 4 sorry xD

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