Otaku Orbit 2018 in Review

I decided this year I would be detailing my blogs performance. WordPress allows for users to look at detailed stats for their blog. So far this year is my best (by far) since I started blogging at the end of 2013. Since 2015 my overall viewers and visitors had been declining from 34,649 viewers to 21,706 and 23,832 visitors to 16,515. I was becoming concerned, but after seeing this year’s stats hopefully this trend has reversed. So far this blog has had 636 posts, 188,054 views with 136,482 visitors.

2018 Blog stats:

  • Views 71,214 (Most All Time)
  • Visitors 52,666 (Most All Time)
  • Likes 2,041 (Most All Time)
  • Comments 407 (Most All Time)

The top ten posts this year are varied. Burn the Witch, Banana Fish, Made in Abyss, Dragon Ball Super and Inuyashiki Last Hero all make the top ten. However, One Piece is clearly king as it is half the list. This isn’t surprising considering the series overall popularity. The post, One Piece: Did Big Mom eat everyone? is my most successful post by far with views (all time) at 26,034.

Top Ten Post 2018:

  1. One Piece: Did Big Mom eat everyone? (23,927)
  2. One Piece Chapter 903: Is Luffy now the fifth emperor? (3,296)
  3. Burn the Witch: Tite Kubo manga one shot review (1,887)
  4. One Piece Chapter 895: Pirate Luffy vs. Com. Katakuri (1,045)
  5. One Piece Chapter 894: 12:05 AM, Luffy prepares to reveal his new form Snakeman (700)
  6. Banana Fish Episode 1 Review: A Perfect Day for Bananafish (644)
  7. One Piece Chapter 890 Review: Big Mom on the ship (509)
  8. Made in Abyss Episode 10: Poison and the Curse (489)
  9. Dragon Ball Super Episode 113: Goku vs Caulifla and Kale (488)
  10. Inuyashiki Last Hero: Episode 04 Review – Samejima (481)

This blog has been seen all over the world from the US to Russia, even places like Mongolia, Botswana and Namibia. Because I’m American and write in English, I would imagine that my impact in foreign countries is limited.

Top five Countries 2018:

  1. United States (28,066)
  2. Philippines (3,997)
  3. Canada (3,124)
  4. Indonesia (2,560)
  5. United Kingdom (2,489)

I have to express how much I appreciated the support from everyone that has made this blog so successful and this year my most successful. Finally, a special thank you to my 562 followers, especially Karandi James, DReager1,moonhawk81, Scott, The Things I’ve seen, Anime Girls NYC and Irina. Also thank you to my most active commentators:

How to improve 

Obviously I would like to do better than 2018. The first thing I need to do is finish anime seasons and continue to review manga series. Every good anime isn’t for me so reviewing the first episode can sometimes be enough. However, when I reviewed more than one episode I unfortunately failed to complete the series too many series. This limits my audience, as some people might read my blog for a specific anime or manga series that I may neglect.

More anime movies. It can be difficult to get access to anime movies that are recently released, however, if I reviewed an older movie I will likely avoid this problem. More lists. Lists are big on blogs, yet I continue to avoid doing them. I going to make a more concerted effort to do lists. More video game content. I don’t know how this will work. Reviewing video games can be difficult especially when it might take me 100+ hrs (Assassins Creed Odysseys) to beat a game. Finally, I need to comment on other blogs more. Every year I say I’m going to do it, this year I only managed to respond to comments when they’re made on blog. I’m going to make it a priority in 2019.

Any suggestions or opinions from supporters are appreciated. Happy New Year.


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