Darling in the FRANXX: Episode 4, Flap Flap review

It was always going to happen but it finally did, Zero Two and Hiro officially paired up in Strelizia. Mitsuru pairs up with Zero Two and it doesn’t end well. Unlike previous pilots however, Mitsuru survives. He describes his experience as horrific, and how Zero Two smiled during the entire ordeal. Understandable, he will never pilot with her again and warns Hiro against doing so.

“Papa,” and the rest of the leadership doesn’t want Zero Two to become tainted by the “parasites,” and want to see her at the frontlines. Despite Zero Two’s kill rate, Hiro and many other parasites still want to pair up with her. Regardless, Hiro manage to sync up with her perfectly, so it’s unlikely they will try to replace him. Meanwhile, the Klaxosaurs have become more troublesome recently. They are more active and it’s now more difficult to locate the core.

He series is clearly painting Strelizia, Zero Two and Hiro as the best team. However, the other members can’t seem to do anything without them. One weird moment that occurred in the episode was when Hiro stated that, “I feel myself going deeper inside of you.” I’ve already criticized this series silly sexually innuendo, but this was too on the nose. However, maybe I’m taking this series too seriously and that was meant to be a joke. That said the show is getting a little better, but I think that the Klaxosaurs could be a little bit more creative looking.



6 thoughts on “Darling in the FRANXX: Episode 4, Flap Flap review

  1. Haha that line was exactly where I had to frown as well. I was thinking at that moment: ” really, you had to go there?” . It’s getting to the point where it is starting to get a bit annoying now. They better focus on telling a better story than continually adding these things. But this week’s episode admittedly was better. Hopefully it will continue to grow now 😊😊

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  2. There was less innuendo this week even if the ones we got were more blatant. I enjoyed seeing Hiro and Zero Two finally team up and hopefully we’ll see something interesting next week and they don’t just tell them they can’t be a pair again. That would be tedious.

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  3. The klaxosaurs are TERRIBLE. The fights aren’t that great either. What’s interesting about the show is the fan service (though not for me), Zero Two, and the hints at an interesting story, which I’m not at all sure the director can deliver. But those last two have been strong enough so far to keep me engaged and coming back!

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    1. I think that the klaxosaurs are poorly designed. The first klaxosaur was well designed, however. So far the characters, Zero Two and Hiro are more interesting than any fighting that’s happened so far.

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