Godzilla: Monster Planet preview

The next Godzilla movie will be animated by Toho animation and streamed on Netflix. This will be the 32nd film in the series, but the first animated film. It will be the first of a trilogy, being released in Japan in November 2017. In the movie the human race abandons the Earth after being forced to leave due to Godzilla and other monsters. The central governments AI chooses people to send on a mission to the planet Tau-e, after 20 years of space travel they find that it’s basically inhabitable.

They decided to return to Earth and defeat Godzilla and the monsters. However, it has been 20,000 years and Earth has change with Godzilla being the center of the ecosystem. The movie explores how humanity will attempt to regain it’s place at the top of the world. I have seen almost every Godzilla movie, visually they don’t always hold. I also love animated movies so this movie excites me. The general premise sounds interesting, although I don’t see how humanity stands much of a chance, but that’s why you should watch right?


5 thoughts on “Godzilla: Monster Planet preview

  1. This is the first time I have heard of this project, but I agree, the premise for this one sounds very cool indeed. This could be very interesting to say the least. Looking forward to this, thank you for sharing! 😊

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