Will Mass Effect: Andromeda a disappointment?

Mass Effect Andromeda will be officially released on March 21, 2017.  So far there has been some mixed reviews and fears that the game will be a disappointment. Mass Effect Andromeda is out now on EA Access, which gives fans access to the first ten hours on PC and Xbox One. Critics have been giving mixed reviews since. Many have made light of the stiffness of the character models, the facial animations in particular have been mocked. Bioware will likely patch the poor animations and the final game hasn’t been released yet.

Some critics feel that the character creation is a disappointment as well, according to Erik Kain of Forbes, character creation is “Not only is it far more limited and much more difficult to create appealing characters, it’s also trapped inside a truly bizarre user interface.” Kain concludes that while it’s difficult to created the character you want, it can be done. However, everyone doesn’t seem to think that character creation is a problem, IGN’s Alanah Pearce thinks that the customization is going to be fun.

 Apparently, the dialogue featured in the game is terrible. According to RockPaper Shotgun.com, “I can’t even imagine how anyone can feel okay with writing that into a script without experiencing enough shame to just get up, walk away, and keep walking until they fall off of or into something.” Some of the characters are specifically bad, like Zoe Telford’s Addison, who’s “E-NUNC-I-AT-ING makes it sound like she’s reading phonetic words in a language she’s never heard.”

It’s possible that none of this would probably be something you wouldn’t notice if it wasn’t brought to you’re attention. However, maybe it’s really is so bad you couldn’t ignore it. Apparently, this many different minor problems can be fixed, but there’s no way Bioware is going to rewrite the scrips so well just have to live with it. Let’s be clear that this isn’t the final build of the game and it will likely improve before being released.


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