How to assassinate a Youkou in 5 seconds

The Plan

The Strawhat’s and the Fire Tank Pirates meet to discuss the plan to assassinate Big Mom. While, Sanji doesn’t seem particularly interested in the assassination of Big Mom, however, he finds the idea difficult to image. The Strawhat’s wonder how can they accomplish this with Big Mom being surrounded by her ministers. Bege tells them “under certain conditions, they will have five seconds to take Big Mom’s head.” Failure will probably result in death.

Caesar poison

The plan begins with Caesar Clown using his KX Launcher, which will kill any one that is hit by the phosphorous poison. However, the poison can’t pierce the skin of Big Mom. In order to weaken her two conditions must be met, first, there must be no interference in the five seconds and Big Mom’s body must be weaken. Bege explains that Big Mom was once injured at a previous tea party, when the photo of her Mother Carmel is damaged.

Big Mom’s weakness

Big Mom responded by emitting an Haoshoku Haki infused shriek, when she kneeled down she started to bleed. Bege plans to use this trigger to weaken Big Mom, the Strawhat’s will be given special earplugs to save themselves from being effected. Bege also reveals that Luffy will be the bait to distract Big Mom’s forces. Luffy agrees without much convincing, Luffy says that Sanji and Pudding kiss will be the signal. However, Sanji reminds him that “Pudding will shoot him before that, so he will dodge.” 

Once Big Mom starts shrieking, Luffy can save the Vinsmokes. They can escape from the room through on of Brulee’s mirrors and get back to their ships. There’s no way this plan is going to work. The margins are too narrow and neither Bege, Caesar or Brulee are trust worthy enough. In order for this plan to work far too many moving parts will have too work seamlessly. I’m also surprise that Luffy is so willing to join in on assassination, he doesn’t often condone killing anyone. I also unfortunately believe that one of the Strawhat’s may be killed, or maybe Jinbe. Hopefully, I’m wrong.


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