Capone Bege, looks to start a red wedding


Chopper and Luffy finally make contact

Chopper and the others finally locate Sanji and Luffy through a mirror shard that Nami left nearby. Luffy hears Chopper voice and is told that all the members of the Strawhat crew have been found. Luffy informs them that “they are going to crash the wedding and save Sanji’s family, after which Sanji will come back to the crew.” Sanji is apprehensive about involving the Strawhat’s in a fight against a Yonko. However, the Strawhat’s confirm that they are will to make any sacrifice necessary to get Sanji back.



Jinbei explains the underworld

Jinbei informs Luffy that the rulers of the Underworld will be attending the Tea party. He reveals that Bege is one of the bosses of the five most powerful mafias in the West Blue. Bege enjoys chaos and often goes after the heads of organizations defeating them and revealing in the aftermath. Bege didn’t care to gain power, but the result was Bege created many enemies. He has managed to gain the title “Rook” in Big Mom’s crew. Now he’s in charge of security, as a result no one could get in his way, when he comes for Big Mom.



Bege plots to kill Big Mom

Bege plans to kill Big Mom during the wedding. Unsurprisingly, the Strawhat crew is shocked by this revelation. Jinbe then reveals the Pekoms was offered and opportunity to joined forces with him to kill Big Mom. Bege shot him to keep him from telling on him, but Pekoms was rescued by Jinbei’s crew. Luffy becomes angered by this, but Jinbei challenges Luffy to reconsider making Bege an enemy. Since the Strawhat’s are currently only eight people and have five hours to come up with a plan, Jinbei suggests that they join forces with Bege to defeat Big Mom.


The 857th chapter of One Piece, Rook, is a incredible change of events for this arc. It always seemed improbably that the small Strawhat crew would be able to defeat Big Mom, so the Bege twist is both surprising and solves the problem. I’m not sure why Luffy would so quickly agree to join up with Bege, considering his brutality. Regardless, Luffy and the Strawhat’s have no choice but to join forces, this arc keeps getting better.




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