Mass Effect In-depth Combat trailer

Combat in the Mass Effect series has always been secondary to the story and relationships. However, I appears that Bioware has put a great deal of focus in the combat this time around.

Combat is faster and more fluid

Movement in the ME series has always been slow, but this game features quicker movement. Players are given a jet pack for jumping, dodging and the ability to take cover anywhere. Button-prompt cover has been removed for a more automatically system.

Bigger better arsenal

Mass Effect Andromeda will feature four gun types, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. All characters will have the ability to wield any type of gun. These guns have different types of ammo like, plasma, bullets and energy weapons. Melee attacks have been enhanced, you can now use weapons such as hammers and swords.

Skills galore

Unlike the previous games in the series, Mass Effect Andromeda, no longer restricts skills to a certain class. The three main categories still remain, biotics, tech and combat. The options to choose from seem massive and varied. The skill tree’s are in-depth, allowing the player to customize characters abilities.

Source: Gamesradar


2 thoughts on “Mass Effect In-depth Combat trailer

  1. Even though I have stopped gaming, Mass Effect is the one game that might actually make me consider buying a console again. The original trilogy will always be my absolute favorite gameseries of all time. This new installment looks amazing 😀

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