Sanji and Luffy reunite

This chapter mostly centered on Sanji, finally finding Luffy. Sanji tells a emaciated Luffy that “he never told Luffy to wait there.” He gives Luffy the bento box and Luffy eats the food. He claims that the food is “delicious,” noting that Sanji put all the favorite foods of the crew in the bento box. Luffy regains his strength and Sanji tells him that he should leave.


Luffy tells Sanji that he should return with him, but Sanji says that there are three reasons he cannot return. First, “he attacked and disrespected Luffy, his captain, despite the latter coming to save him.” Second, “Zeff is still being held as a hostage,” and finally, “he still does not have the conscience to let his family be murdered tomorrow.” Luffy becomes upset and slaps Sanji into King Baum’s remains. He asks Sanji to “tell the truth,” and Sanji finally relents, stating “that he wants to return to the crew.” Luffy tells Sanji that they can work together to wreck this wedding.

Chapter notes:

  1. Pekom is still alive
  2. Bobbin is ambushed by unknown assailants
  3. Jinbei informs the Strawhat’s that the wedding will not go a planned



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