The Strawhat’s save Brooke, Sanji finds Luffy

011-10The Strawhat’s come to Brooke’s rescue

In the Mirror-world, Chopper, Nami, Carrot, Pedro, and Jinbei finally find Brooke. Big Mom, Zeus, Prometheus, Napoleon and Brooke are all asleep. The fact that Brooke is comfortable that he could sleep in the arms of Big Mom was funny. Brulee attempts and fails to get Big Mom’s attention, but Big Mom does notice a fly. She displays her massive strength when she tries to kill it. Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon wake, attacking the point they believe the danger is coming from.



Brooke get’s the Poneglyph

The Strawhat’s devise a plan to trick Big Mom, by creating a fake Brooke, with a skeleton and seaweed. Chopper attempts to save Brooke, but sneezes, causing Big Mom to attack again. Carrot tries, but also fails. Big Mom finally lets go of Brooke, and Nami tries to get him. Brooke almost get’s them caught, but Jinbei comes to their rescue. Brooke is surprised that he was saved, he does reveal that however, that he did manage to copy the Poneglyph.


The most interesting part of this chapter is the successful rescue of Brooke. It combined the best elements of the One Piece series, humor and dangerous tension. I wasn’t surprised with the outcome, but wasn’t certain that it was going to happen. Big Mom is going to be PISSED, and we’ll see how quickly she releases that Brooke is gone. Furthermore the fact that Brooke got the Poneglyph, is a great achievement. It appears that the Strawhat’s have been largely successful in this arc, but the fact that Brulee and Diesel are aware that they have the Poneglyph is going to be a long term problem.

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