Chopper and Carrot begin to rescue the Strawhats

Chopper and Carrot to the rescue

Jinbe and Nami are surrounded by the forces of Big Mom, Nami defeats several of them with her Thundercloud Rod. However, she accidental shocks Chopper as well. Nami and Jinbe enter the mirror world, where they join Pedro, and Carrot. Brulee realizes that Jinbe has rebelled against Big Mom. Jinbe had previously backed out of the “roulette.” He confirms this, by noting that the wheel is rigged to always result in the spinners death. Brulee admits that Big Mom never lets anyone leave.


Big Mom and Brooke

Big Mom carriers Brooke around by a string. She commends Brooke on his fighting ability, managing to damage Prometheus. Pudding displays her true nature, shocking Brooke with her “bluntness.” Big Mom states that she will “will carry him around instead of putting him in the museum for the time being.” Brooke is understandably afraid of his current state. Big Mom foolishly tells her plan for the Vinsmoke Family in front of Brooke. He is obviously shocked by this reveal, and Big Mom is excited about the upcoming wedding assassination.


Big Mom’s soldiers miss count

A Chess Soldier checks on Sanji and incorrectly confirms that Sanji is asleep. Meanwhile, in a meeting room Mont-d’Or goes over the Sanji retrieval team’s statues. They begin with the knowledge that Pudding lured six people to Whole Cake Island. They know that Brooke is with Big Mom, they believe that Pedro blew himself up. They believe that the report from Brulee is current, that Carrot and Chopper. Opera lies to save himself from death, and tells everyone that he killed them both.


Sanji excepts his fate

Sanji sits on a bench, reflecting on his the meal he made for Pudding. He resigns himself to his death, he thinks that it is better for “Germa would be exterminated and Big Mom would free his crew-mates.” Bobbin then catches Sanji, remembering that Luffy won’t eat without Sanji feeding them. Sanji attacks Bobbin, knocking him to the ground and fleeing.


Chopper and Carrot are staring to slowly save the Strawhat’s. They will continue to be successful as the Big Mom pirates have assumed that they all have either been killed or captured. Saving Brooke could be a challenge, however, I would imagine that Big Mom would put him down at some point. Big Mom telling Brooke about her plans will probably backfire on her. I find the fact that the Vinsmoke family are becoming somewhat sympathetic figures to be an intriguing dynamic.





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