Ash verses the Totem Gumshoos

Ash decides to complete the Grand Trails

Ash becomes determine to obtain more Z-Crystals. He discusses this with Professor Kukui, who tells him that he needs to go through the Island Challenge in order to acquire more crystals. Rotom informs Ash that he would need to fight against the Island Kahuna. Kukui suggests that they need to meet up with Melemele Island’s Kahuna, Hala.


Ash and Kukui meet Island Kahuna, Hala

Several Raticate and Rattata startle some Tauros, causing logs to fall off carts. Ash and Kukui arrive and help with the clearing of the logs. Ash notices a man and his Hariyama carrying logs, placing them back on the carts. This man turns out to be, Hala. The following day, Ash and Kukui meet with Hala. He explains to Ash that Tapu Koko stole on of the Z-Rings that he created and gave it to Ash.

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Hala informs Ash of the issue regarding the Raticate and Rattata. Ash says that he will battle them, Hala reminds him that “doing the Island Challenge wasn’t about battling, but to teach young people about loving and protecting everything.” He hopes that Ash will find a way to solve the problem without battling. Ash attempts to solve the problem with the help of Kiawe and Sophocles. Lille suggests that they should learn more about the ecology.


Ash and battles the Totem Gumshoo

Rotom tells Ash that “Rattata and Raticate were brought to Alola from a ship and adapted to the climate.” To counter this, “ Gumshoos and Yungoos were brought from a different region to fight the Raticate and Rattata.” Ash gives his answer to Hala, who is impressed and tells Ash that he passed the test and qualified for the Trail. Hala and Ash arrive at the cave, which is home to Yungoos. Hala tells Ash that inside the cave is a Totem Pokemon, which “listens to the Island Guardian Pokémon and obey their will, some even helping during the Island Challenge.”


As the trail begins Ash battles, Yungoos and Gumshoo. He sends out Pikachu and a sleeping Rowlet. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Rowlet Tackle, both of them are hit with a Sand Attack, with Yungoos attacks Rowlet. Gumshoo and Yungoos use Crunch, which Pikachu and Rowlet successfully dodge. Rowlet uses Leafage, while Pikachu uses Iron Tail. Rowlet tackles Gumshoos and Pikachu hits Yungoos with Iron Tail, defeating them. Suddenly, a huge Gumshoo appears, Rotom notes that it’s three times larger than a normal Gumshoo.


Totem Gumshoo attacks Pikachu, who dodges and counters with Thunderbolt. Gumshoo endures the attack, then hurts Pikachu. Totem Gumshoo uses it high speed and Rowlet attacks. Totem Gumshoo uses a rock and hits Rowlet with it. Rowlet gets called back and Ash tells Pikachu to use Electro Ball. Totem Gumshoo blocks it with Sand Attack. Using Quick Attack, Pikachu uses Sand Attack to hide itself. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to finally defeat Totem Gumshoo. Totem Gumshoo gives Ash a Z-Crystal, which Hala notes is strange, Tapu Koko leaves after watching the battle.

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This was a fun episode, Ash finally started official going on his trails. I love watching the Pokemon battle with this level of animation, its so dynamic. Rowlet displaying his ability to move quickly but silently was pretty cool. Some of the battle was surprisingly brutal , Totem Gumshoo picking up a rock and bashing Rowlet in the head with it. Overall, another great episode, an yes Gumshoo looks exactly like Donald Trump.


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