Ash finally catches his first Aloha Pokemon, Rowlet

Episode 4 – Enter Rowlet! I Got a Pokemon in Aloha!

Litten is feed some berries by an older lady, a flock of Trumbeak and Pikipek fly through the town and steal berries and fruits. The villagers expected this event to occur, as it is annual. In the forest, Ash and Pikachu battle against a Grubbin, who uses String Shot. Pikachu dodges it and uses Thunderbolt, Ash throws a Pokeball at the Grubbin. However, it frees itself from the Pokeball and digs away.


Pikachu verses Grubbin

Grubbin emerges behind Lillie, scaring her as she hides behind Mallow. Pikachu uses Quick Attack, only for Grubbin to counter with String Shot. The Grubbin manages to escape, injured Pikachu is taken to the Pokemon Center. In a cave, Jesse tries to catch Mimikyu, she has a difficult time because it hasn’t been weakened yet. James drops a Luxury Ball that Jesse uses to finally capture Mimikyu.


Bewear grabs Jesse when she tries to grab the ball, Meowth translates that it is looking for dinner. Meanwhile, at the Pokemon Center, Ash sees a Comfey. The flock of Pikipek return to their nest with food in hand. Rowlet drops a vase that resembles a berry, it’s gets yelled at for it’s failure. Rowlet flies off to find more berries, while Mallow’s Bounsweet releases a sweet scent attracting Rowlet.


Rowlet is desperate for food

Rowlet mistakes Bounsweet for a berry and attacks. However, Bounsweet deflects Rowlet twice, knocking it into power-lines. Rowlet falls to the ground and Ash rushes and manages to prevent it from hitting the ground. Rowlet awakens and Ash feeds it. Ash attempts to capture it but Rowlet flees with a watermelon. Meanwhile, in the cave Team Rocket gets their fill of food and the flock of Pikipek enter the cave taking the fruit.


Rowlet returns to the nest with the watermelon and is praised. Ash and Mallow arrive at the nest and Rotom identifies Trumbeak and Toucannon. Rotom tries to test the heat of Toucannon’s beak, enraging it. Team Rocket arrives, launching nets at the flock and attempting to capture Pikachu. Jesse uses Mimikyu, that launches a Shadow Ball at Pikachu, who counters with Electro Ball.


Rowlet rescues Pikachu from Mimikyu

Pikachu uses Iron Tail, but it doesn’t deal any damage. Meanwhile, Rowlet frees it’s friends, while Pikachu is hit with a Play Rough from Mimikyu. Then Mimikyu uses Shadow Claw on Pikachu, Rowlet intervenes using Leafage. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Mimikyu, shocking it. Team Rocket is captured, along with Mimikyu by Bewear. Rowlet is thanked for its help by the flock.


Ash tells Rowlet that “he should go home,” surprising Mallow and Rotom. Ash doesn’t want to catch Rowlet because he has friends and family. Toucannon encourages Rowlet to go to Ash and he does. Rowlet allows itself to be caught. Ash has a habit of “catching,” Pokemon without traditionally battling them and then catching. It can seem like a cheat sometimes but his Pokemon all seem to be unique.



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