Is Final Fantasy 15 worth the hype?

Final Fantasy 15 will be official released tomorrow, November 28th, 2016. After years of development and delay, the reviews are finally in. The critics seem to generally have good things to say about the promising game.


Battles look like Avengers-style swirling melees.

“Speaking of mass devastation, it wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy without Summon spells, and Final Fantasy XV’s are positively spectacular-looking. These are traditionally the biggest guns in your arsenal, and it’s no different here. I have yet to see a fight that a Summon can’t end in jaw-dropping fashion, but disappointingly, that’s only happened a mere handful of times for me. You won’t acquire your first Summon until deep into the 40-hour journey, and even once you do, you cannot call them in at will. Even after playing all the way through and getting some hints from Square Enix on how to trigger them, the exact method still eludes me.” – Full Review



Final Fantasy 15 is bombastic, strange, surprising and, often, brilliant. It is voluminous; it is cacophonous.

“Final Fantasy 15‘s strongest moments are found in these more mundane elements, the bits that are about just hanging out. As they drive across the countryside, Noctis and crew share charming, everyday banter that’s all about building up their friendship rather than relaying plot beats. Prompto takes dozens of pictures documenting the trip. When they turn in for the night, the group sets up camp, and Ignis cooks. Each in-game day’s end is punctuated by the friends gathered around a fire, eating, enjoying each other’s company.” – Full Review



One of the first things you see in Final Fantasy XV is a group of four beautifully coiffed men pushing a broken-down car down the road.

“Let’s get this out of the way: Final Fantasy XV is a great video game. It steers the series in a promising new direction, reveals a spectacular new world, and introduces a combat system as satisfying as any I’ve played. For all of its warts and wrinkles—and there are quite a few warts and wrinkles—Final Fantasy XV is often a thing of beauty.” – Full Review



Eos’ best quests and treasures extend well beyond the needs of Noctis’ fight, and it’s these pursuits that make you appreciate your brothers-in-arms, and Final Fantasy XV in the long run.

“Unlike many of its predecessors, Final Fantasy XV embraces contemporary open-world game principles from the start: outside of story missions, you are free to explore sprawling environments and take on dozens of side quests at your leisure. Townsfolk, seemingly unaware of your princely status, will employ you in a number of tasks including infrastructure maintenance, scientific field work, gem hunting, and light farming. Dedicating your time to rewarding pursuits has a side effect: the more comfortable you become living in Eos doing honest work, the further away and less important Noctis’ concerns feel. It doesn’t help that most NPCs would rather talk about their magazine publishing business or recipes than important world affairs.” – Full Review


3 thoughts on “Is Final Fantasy 15 worth the hype?

  1. Even though my gaming days are pretty much behind me, I have some fond memories of Final Fantasy. I especially liked part X. It had a very cool storyline and some great characters. It’s nice to see that this series continues in a promising way 😀

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