Luffy and Nami are dominated by the Army of Rage


One Piece – Chapter 846

Tamago’s Security

In the outskirts of Sweet City, Nami and Luffy are being defeated by the “Army of Rage.” Galette is surprised by the ability of Nami to use a giant lightning bolt. Nami informs her that she could only do this because of Big Mom’s creation of a thundercloud. Amande uses her Meito: Shirauo on King Baum. The homie begs for mercy, as Amande dissects it vertically. Baum tells her that they aided the Strawhat’s against their will. Amande is unmoved and aims to make Baum’s death a slow painful one.


Luffy at his limit

Charlotte Mont-d’Or stands on two books levitating, he praises Luffy for his ability to face of against Cracker and manage to handle the “Barbarian Army” as well. Opera attacks Luffy with Cream Monster, he increases his “sweetness” which causes Luffy’s arm to burn. He activates his Gear Third and is moved to a new location. Confused, Luffy is told that his is in the “World of Books” by Mont-d’Or. Luffy becomes distracted by seeing Amande approaching Nami, she warns Luffy, telling him to dodge.


Start reading, One Piece, Vol. 80

The books close above Luffy’s head, he is punched simultaneously by with Haki by two large members of the Big Mom pirates. As Luffy collapses on the ground, so does a crying King Baum (both halves). Amande removes Lola’s Vivre card from Nami’s dress. Galette concludes that the vivre card was the reason the Strawhat’s were able to escape the Seducing Woods and overcome the Chess Soldiers. Seeing the word “Lola” on the card, Amande assumes that the Strawhat’s harmed Lola. Nami attempts to explain, but the Big Mom pirates take Luffy captive.


Big Mom’s compromise

Elsewhere, at Whole Cake Chateau, Sanji and Big Mom have a conversation regarding, letting the Strawhat Pirates leave alive. Sanji is pleasantly surprised when she says yes. Of course Sanji must continue his pending marriage, he seems happy to do so. In the Room of Treasure, Tamago is watching over the three poneglyphs. He recounts that 30 exists, but only 9 are required to reach Raftel. Meanwhile, Charlotte Smoothie squeezes the “juice” out of a person and drinks it. She asks why more protection is necessary, Tamago reveals that Pedro is back on the island. Brook’s detached soul eavesdrops on their conversation.


Brook informs Pedro of the security changes, causing Pedro to grow concerned. However, Brook replies that “there is no way to leave and come back later with the entire crew, as they would most certainly be fought upon their return.” Brook asks Pedro “who Tamago’s target was,” and Pedro confirms that it’s him. Brook asks Pedro “to be the bait in their operation,” which is what Pedro was thinking. The Strawhat’s appear to both be in danger and saved. It’s hard to trust Big Mom, however, and I predict that she will go back on her word. It was unrealistic to believe that Luffy could single handily defeat the “Army of Rage.” However, he manage to do better than even the Big Mom Pirates could have expected. We got more information on the poneglyphs, but I don’t think the Strawhat’s can get out of this situation by themselves.


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