Boruto finally separates itself from the movie


Boruto takes a step in the right direction

I have been critical of the Boruto manga series for several reasons, being a monthly, the art style and the rehashing of the Boruto movie. For the most part I have come to terms with the monthly schedule as I have other manga to read. The art work is getting much better and I have actually starting to like it. Finally, this chapter has departed slightly from the movie and added some small details.

The four Kages

That said the chapter mostly regurgitates the movie, even down to the dialogue. The art in the chapter seems to have improved greatly, it’s possible that not having read a chapter in a month may be the reason. However, I feel that the perspective and proportion of the characters are much better. The details of the characters and the background are impressive. Finally, Momoshiki looks completely different from the movie and his design is great. I’m looking forward to what changes might come in future chapters of this series.

The new Momoshiki

For a more thorough review check out: Daily Art Anime 


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