Ash and Pikachu start a new adventure


Pokemon Sun and Moon – Episode 001

Alola to new adventure

Ash and Pikachu are on vacation in the Aloha region. They ride on the back of a Sharpedo, race on the beach and discover new Pokemon along the way. Ash’s mother, Delia Ketchum and her Mr. Mime are also on the trip. They explore the island together, riding Pokemon and buying fruit. When Ash is attacked by a Grubbin, he and Pikachu chase it, so it can be caught.


Ash and Pikachu follow it into the forest, while Tapu Koko watches. They encounter a Bewear that appears to be friendly at first before it gets angry and cuts several trees in half with martial arts. It then chases them through the woods with a creepy smile on it’s face, cutting trees in half while it does so. Ash and Pikachu find themselves at a Pokemon school. They meet professor Oak’s cousin, the principle, who looks just like Oak only with a tan and longer hair. He also has a habit of making Pokemon puns and changing his face to look like them.


While at the school, Ash and the others witness team skull attack Kaki and his Charizard. Team skull challenge him to a battle for Charizard using several Zubat, Yungoos, and Salandit. Ash intervenes with Pikachu, chastising team skull for ganging up on one trainer. However, Kaki tells Ash that he “doesn’t need his aid,” Ash sends Pikachu into battle, and Kaki uses¬†Turtonator. Team Skull orders Salandit to use Venom Shock, Yungoos to use Bite and Zubat Leech Life. Ash counters with Quick Attack from Pikachu showing off it’s speed and defeating the Salandit. Turtonator turns around and when the Zubat and Yungoos fly backwards as the spikes on Turtonator’s back explode.


Team Skull orders Salandit to use Flame Burst, Pikachu counters with Thunderbolt, defeating the Salandit. Kaki takes over and together with Turtonator he uses a Z-move, Inferno Overdrive. The attack has devastating effect, defeating Team Skull’s Pokemon. Ash witnesses the island guardian, Tapu Koko. During dinner Ash is given a Z-ring from Tapu Koko. The next day he’s talking to his mother thanking her for allowing him to stay. I have already mentioned that I plan on watching this series. The animation is stellar, but I’m not sure there will be enough battles, especially if there are no gyms. Regardless, I’m excited for what could be a new exciting Pokemon series.



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