Benimaru faces off against Haran

Fire Brigade of Flame

Chapter 049 – The Fighting Festival

Fight Festival, begins with the demon Haran, attacking Shinra and Arthur with a successive attacks. The first attack knocks Shinra and Arthur to the ground, the second attack is directed at Shinra. He uses his flame to propel himself backwards to avoid taking full damage from Haran attacks. Arthur strikes with his sword, Excalibur, Haran blocks it with his horns. Haran remains unharmed by Excalibur and strikes at Arthur leaving scratches across his chest.

Arthur verses Haran
Arthur verses Haran

7th Commander of the Special Fire Brigade arrives

Benimaru uses his brooms wrapped in fire and seems to halt Haran in its tracks. Shinra and Arthur both seem so surprise at Haran’s power. Shinra acknowledges that Excalibur failed to damage Haran at all. Arthur questions Benimaru about whether Haran is a normal flame person or not. Benimaru explains that two years ago “flame humans with horns have arrived,” he orders Shinra and Arthur to stay out of his fight.

Hika and Hina
Hika and Hina

Searching for Hikage and Benimaru verses Haran

Hinata, Tamaki and Maki search for Hikage in the streets of Asakusa. A large burst of flames suddenly erupts, Hika and her sister appears and activates their Ignition ability. Their bodies are covered in flames resembling Kisune. Meanwhile, Benimaru and Haran begin their fight. Benimaru claims to “feel a shiver down his spine,” as Haran attacks him. Benimaru easily handles Haran physical attacks and responds by striking it in the chest. He comments on the hardness of its skin, he mentions that Konro “blasted a giant hole into the ground fighting one.” Benimaru believes that he will need to replicate the fire power Konro used.

Benimaru v Haran
Benimaru faces of against Haran

Konro comments on the battle raging between, Benimaru and Haran, seeming confident that Benimaru will prevail.  Benimaru anticipating a great deal of destruction, aims to change the environment. Konro notices that Arrow is attempting to attack Benimaru. Konro suggests that Benimaru will not survive if he is hit by the arrow. Benimaru and the Haran battle has just gotten started, I think that the battle will be exciting. I highly doubt that he will be hit by the incoming arrow, I’m banking on Arthur saving him.

Arrow attacks Benimaru
Benimaru attacked by Arrow

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